Recipes From My Kitchen

Healthy food should taste delicious.
I love when people exclaim “this is good for you?!”
Anyone can cook a healthy meal.
Fresh is best.
Think unprocessed thoughts.
I deal with picky eaters by hiding healthy ingredients in their foods.
I believe in “top 10 foodie hate lists“.
Brussels Sprouts are #1 on that list.
I tried being vegan once. Cheese won.
I tried being vegetarian once. Bacon won.
Most of my recipes are free of refined flour & grains and refined sugars. Here’s why.
You CAN cook healthy means while living on a budget. Here’s how.
Full fat is best. Here’s why.
I indulge. Pizza is my go-to.
Farmer’s markets are my happy place.
I will cook for you, just ask.

Appetizers & Salads
Eggplant stuffed mushrooms (low carb)
Jalapeno bites (low carb)
Pineapple pico de gallo
Grain free sausage balls (low carb)
Herby Asian Slaw
Cuban panzanella salad
Party cubanitos
Butternut squash soup with grilled cheese croutons
Sausage stuffed mushrooms (low carb)
Shrimp salad (low carb)
Caesar deviled eggs (low carb)
Greek wedge salad  (low carb)

Main courses
Creamy vegetable tartlets
Keto friendly all-purpose dough  (low carb)
The best grilled wings ever (low carb)
Bruschetta shrimp (low carb)
Lobster and shrimp stuffed acorn squash (low carb)
Meatloaf (low carb)
Rosemary goat cheese quiche
Spaghetti squash pizza pie (low carb)
Bourbon chicken
Mango habanero grilled shrimp
Endive fish tacos (low carb)
Shrimp with chorizo and peppers (low carb)
Sweet pepper stuffed shells (low carb)
Sweet and savory oven baked brisket
Oat flour pancakes
Oven baked ribs
Spaghetti squash lasagna (low carb)
Quinoa jambalaya
Healthy protein bowls (low carb)
Strawberry and pecan quinoa oats
Healthier Nashville hot chicken (low carb)

Snacks, sides and sauces
Keto fiddle faddle (low carb)
Spicy crispy cauliflower (low carb)
Cast-iron dinner rolls  (low carb)
Escalloped cabbage (low carb)
Bite-sized ham and cheese balls (low carb)
Honey Dijon Brussels sprouts
Spinach and kale pesto (low carb)
Acorn squash mash (low carb)
Fruit and nut “Hangry” bites
Roasted beets and green beans with lemon
Broccoli, butternut and bacon casserole (low carb)

Quick pickles (low carb)
Chipotle sweet potato fries with chimichurri aioli
Sugar free strawberry butter (low carb)

Low carb pumpkin cheesecake bars 
Low carb gooey butter cake
Low carb pecan bars
Low carb hassleback apples 
Low carb blackberry lemon muffins 
Low carb flan de queso 
Apple crisp
Low carb chocolate chip cookies 
Double chocolate chip cookies
Banana nut muffins
$100 Grand truffles
Coconut flour strawberry shortcakes
Low carb carrot cake muffins
Chocolate peanut butter covered strawberries
Almond flour oatmeal cookies
Grain free jam dot cookies
Coconut oil fudge
Key Lime Cookies
Almond and butternut squash muffins
Sea salt and pecan chocolate chip cookies
Cheesecake mousse
Cranberry pecan cookies

Tiramisu truffles (low carb)
Paleo brownies (low carb)
Chocolate chip banana nut muffins
Cannoli parfaits

Pomegranate blackberry tea
Christmas eve sangria

I am not a certified nutritionist. This blog is not meant as a substitute for individualized nutrition counseling. The meal ideas and recipes displayed on this website are general and may not necessarily be suited to your needs. Diets, recipes and nutrition suggestions are tried at your own risk.