Dear Teachers,

Dear Teachers,

As we approach the start of a brand new school year, I can feel the excitement in the air. I hope that all of the teachers out there have had a restful summer, and that everyone is all prepared, motivated and excited to make this the BEST school year yet!

My wish for every single one of you this year is to remember what inspired you to go into this profession when you first decided to take this path. Did you want to make a difference? Did you want to be a role model? Did you want to play a part in developing the future of our country? Continue reading


7 Ways to Boost your Athletic Confidence

I’ve had my share of negative thoughts when it comes to doing any kind of physical activity; especially when it comes to working out around others who may faster, more experienced or in “better” physical shape than I. Deciding to take the step and start an exercise routine is a choice you should make based on what’s right for your body, what’s going to improve your health and what’s going to make you feel good about yourself.  However there’s something that many who want to begin running, going to a gym, swimming or any other type of exercise often lack: CONFIDENCE. Continue reading


Never stop starting

Recently a reader was led to my blog by searching “tired of failing at weight loss and having to start over”.  I’m not sure how or why that search led them here, since it directed them to my Orangetheory review, which isn’t really about weight loss failures. Maybe I was meant to see their search and write THIS post. Maybe that person will see THIS post and find some comfort and empowerment in what I’m about to say. So to this mystery blog reader,  let me start off first by saying this: Continue reading


Key lime cookies

I love all things Key Lime. 
I live about 8 hours from Key West, and believe me, it is WORTH the drive to get all of that key lime goodness in your life. 

Key lime margaritas.
Key lime pie. 
Key lime rum cake.
Key lime marinated shrimp.
Key lime cookies!

Since we didn’t visit our islands to the south this summer, I figured I needed to whip up something with these tart little gems. While I was at the farmer’s market a few days ago, a beautiful bag of key limes caught my eye! They’ve been sitting on my counter ever since, just begging to be squeezed!

So I squeezed them. And here’s what came out. 😉

11224095_10153598706977474_4896732154926991332_n Continue reading


#Backtoschool recipes: Fruit & nut “hangry” bites

Many of you know I’m a school teacher. Middle school, to be exact. 

I actually work for the professional development department of our school district but I’m assigned to a school in a relatively newly formed hybrid position. A lot of people have asked me about what I do. Basically I’m in a grant funded role where I teach students in the morning (three periods of 6th grade comprehensive science) and then work with teachers during the second part of my day. My work with teachers can be anything from completing observations and providing feedback, facilitating book studies, writing trainings, modeling lessons, supporting new teachers, and so much more. 

Teaching in itself is an extremely exhausting, demanding and busy job. Adding coaching in the mix makes for quite the on-the-go day for me. But I love it!  Continue reading


Pineapple pico de gallo

I love Mexican food. Specifically Mexican condiments.
Green and vibrant tomatillo salsa, spicy cayenne pepper sauces, and my all time favorite… pico de gallo.
I love pico!
I don’t make it as often as I’d like to, but I really need to get into that habit.
Habits of making batches of pico de gallo are habits I can live with. 
Continue reading