31 ways to get moving!

It’s almost March! We’re officially in the 3rd month of 2013 and this is the time where people notoriously fall off the wagon. It’s usually not intentional, but by March, the excitement and freshness of the New Year seems to wane, being replaced with a “good enough” mentality that keeps you from meeting your goals. Until, that is, you wake up one April or May morning and realize that beach season is just a month away. Panic ensues and fitness finds its way back into your life. Unfortunately, the progress you made at the start of the year has been erased with just one little month of complacency, making it that much harder to get those goals back in gear. Continue reading


Judy’s Tales: You’ve got mail!

My mom Judy loved to travel. If she would have been financially able to, she would have traveled full time. Most of our trips were to the mountains, camping or the beach with my father, friends and family. Trips to Vegas and cruises with her cousins, long road trips with my grandmother and I, and adventures on water down in the Keys. My mother’s first love was her camper. She was constantly planning her next camping trip and even dreamed of towing it cross country once her and my father retired. Continue reading


Dirty Girl: A graphic novel

Yesterday my dearly departed friends and I participated in the Dirty Girl 5k mud run. We had an amazingly filthy time running a muck around Little Everglades Ranch. If you’ve never completed a mud run, not to worry. Our awesome team had mud run newbies and even 5k newbies- and they had an amazing time! Dirty Girl is beginner friendly and you can finish at your own pace, even skipping a few obstacles if you want (they promise they won’t tell!). You’re also encouraged to bring on the team spirit! We saw teams of bumble bees, divas, princesses and mariachis! We, however, were the only zombies…. Continue reading


Friday Five: Awesome edition

Five things that made my Friday fabulous!

1. Butternut squash quesadillas. I passed on the marinated steak tonight and had my ‘dilla’s stuffed with shredded Monterrey jack cheese and roasted butternut squash puree. It. was. scrumptious. However, the marinated steak was also pretty darn delish, so you may want to try out that Taco Bus copy cat recipe as well. The recipe for the quesadillas is from the Pioneer Woman (adore her). I omitted the kale, only because I was out, and used Trader Joe’s low carb wraps, which if you haven’t tried, go, now. Delish! Continue reading


Obscene gym noises

Grrrrr, huh, sigh, eeerrrrr, huff huff huff, gasp, ackkkkk, erkkkk, eh eh eh, wooooosh.That’s gym speak for “these weights are f**king heavy and if I do one more rep, I’ll die“Or something to that effect. You know how Google translator can be.

Today I cave woman grunted my way through 60 minutes at Orange Theory Fitness. I’ve never been so thankful for their blaring tunes, as it drowned out the most unladylike of sounds. Now while working out shouldn’t be a prim and proper adventure, I would like to keep some things a mystery; like the sounds equivalent to a rough day in the bathroom. (You know you’ve been there). Continue reading


Such a pretty face

You may think I’m referencing my students when I say the words “peer pressure”, but believe it or not, peer pressure is not limited to kids these days. We learn about peer pressure early on in our educational careers (mostly through Meology classes- remember those?), but it’s something that we experience throughout our entire lives. Now while I know adult peer pressure comes in many forms, I’m going to focus on the peer pressure that comes to one who is going through the weight loss journey, as it’s the closest to my own experiences. Continue reading