TeamJudy on Fox13!

Today was awesome.

999306_10152039335622474_230228846_nThat’s me representing Team Judy on Fox13’s Good Day Tampa Bay!

Like my face? Yeah, apparently I make  a lot of weird faces on live TV.

I’ve been working with the people over at Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run since last year. I blogged as a Dirty Girl Ambassador, completed the muddy 5k in February, was interviewed for an article in the St. Pete Times, wrote an article for the Dirty Girl 5k mud run blog and now, this ambassadorship has given me an opportunity to talk all about my efforts with Team Judy on the local news!

1004548_10152039251097474_1352036583_n (1)

I arrived about 30 minutes before I was to go on air, checked in and sat in the green room for a while until the producers came to take me to the studio. They gave me a rundown of what questions they’d be asking during the interview, so as I waited, I looked it over and prepped.


When it was time, the producer walked me into the main studio and into the area where I’d be doing the interview in. I was amazed at how quiet it was throughout the studio. While I waited for my segment to start, the producer let me snoop around. I even got to watch the anchors deliver the news!





I had such a blast at Fox13 this morning talking all about Dirty Girl and Team Judy! Click on the link below to check out my interview!


Want to join us at this year’s Dirty Girl 5k in the Tampa Bay Area? Read all the details here!

Have you ever been on television? I must say this was a first for me, and I was in awe the entire time!

Steph 🙂


PurpleStride 5k

This year a group of the Tampa Bay Bloggers will be joining forces participating and promoting The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Purplestride 5k at Albert Whitted Airport in St. Pete!

This race is near and dear to my heart. In March of 2010, I lost a cousin to pancreatic cancer. He was only 37, so it was quite the blow to my family and all of his friends. A few days later, I came across the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s website. It’s there where I learned about their annual fundraising 5k event called PurpleStride. Within minutes our team was up and “running”. The Sanchez Sprinters: Running for Daryl was officially part of the 2010 PurpleStride Tampa Bay race, and we began fundraising for the cause.

The 2010 race was held in St. Petersburg at the War Veteran’s Memorial park. I was shocked at the out pour of participants, volunteers and other community organizers that pulled together to make this race happen.  Pancreatic cancer is one of the most underfunded cancer research out there.


The huge amount of support wasn’t just the physical kind. The Sanchez Sprinters also raised almost $10,000 in donations in just a little over a month’s time! I was the 2nd highest fundraiser for the race and was recognized in the post-run ceremonies.


Before we knew it 2011 had rolled around, and it was PurpleStride time once again. This time they changed the venue and the date (which turned out to be a very COLD November morning) but it turned out to be a beautiful day for a race.


The race was held at Albert Whitted Airport Park. Although our team was smaller, we still raised over $1000!

The course followed a typical downtown St. Pete 5k course going over the Pier, toward the Vinoy then back to the park.


2012’s race was much of the same, and now, here we are ready to bring it for the 2013 race!  Come join The Sanchez Sprinters and The Tampa Bay Bloggers on November 2, 2013 back in St. Pete for the 4th annual Running for Daryl event! Online registration closes on 10/30, so there’s still time to join us! You can also register for the event race morning.

Grab your purple and come support us for an AMAZING cause! 🙂 Here’s the link to register.

Steph 🙂


A day in the life of…

I’ve been seeing “A day in the life of…” posts popping up here and there in the blog world and I think they’re fun! It’s always neat to see what people’s lives consist of, and how they seem to manage the impossible. I’m big on time management, and cannot stand to do anything that isn’t a productive use of my time (and yes, sitting on the couch watching TV is a productive use of my time- relaxation!) 😉

4:02am- Alarm goes off. I hit the snooze and sleep for 6 more minutes. (I have to have some odd minute setting on my alarms. I don’t know why, I just do!).

4:08am- Get out of bed. Teeth brushed. Avoid looking at hair as to not waste time. Get dressed, fill up water bottle, smush a banana in my mouth.

4:30am- Out the door and drive down to South Tampa to Orange Theory.

5:00am-6:00am- Hour long cross training/intensity training session at OTF. Sweat- a lot. Brain shuts down and goes back to sleep. This is a good thing.

6:15am- Stop at the Starbucks by the house. It’s the only time it’s not crazy. And even at this hour, it’s still kind of crazy, but not “I want to bash my car into your car” kind of crazy like it is around 8am.

6:25am- Arrive at home, get breakfast going. Today it’s 2 Applegate chicken sausages, 2 eggs, some pear slices, and the coffee.

6:35-6:50am- Eat breakfast while sitting at the computer checking “stuff”.

6:50-7:00am- Shower and head back to bed (if the guy hasn’t left for work) and squeeze in some snuggle time. (I know. It’s adorable).

7:00-7:30am- Get dressed for work, pack up and head out the door for the long, LONG 1.8 mile drive to work. 😉

7:35-8:35am- Arrive at school, sign in and start planning for the day. Dave Matthews Band radio is on Pandora.

8:35-9:00am- Morning duty in the main hallway. Make sure nobody dies.

9:00-10:04am- Homeroom and Period 1. No students during this time. I plan lessons, collaborate with the other grade level teachers, organize labs, grade papers, or sit in on meetings, depending on the day. *Use the bathroom at some point.

10:04-10:58am- Period 2 (6th grade honors science)- Students arrive and I enlighten them with my knowledge and we do kick ass science and be completely awesome.

10:58-11:54am- Period 3 (6th grade regular ancient world history)- Students arrive and I enlighten them with my knowledge and we learn about old things that were kickass.

11:54-12:25pm- Period 4 (6th grade honors science)- Students arrive, drop their things off, line up and I take them to lunch. I drop them off then come back to my room to eat. Today it’s black beans and chicken from the school cafeteria with salad and a cup of grapes. It’s $3.50 of awesomeness (my school’s cafeteria is actually pretty health-conscious, which is a change!). *Use the bathroom at some point.

12:25-1:30pm- Period 4 continues. I pick up students and then we do all the science. I enlighten them with my knowledge. It’s awesome.

1:30-2:25pm- Period 5. This is the start of my Teacher Leader time. On this day I’m scheduled to sit in a teacher’s class and observe classroom management. I sit in the back, take notes, write down suggestions, and leave her a note, scheduling a followup.

2:25-3:15pm- Period 6. I head back to my classroom and work on materials for this afternoon’s rubric training I’m holding. Go to the copy room and make packets for the teachers that will be attending the training.

3:20-3:45pm- Period 7. I head to the main office to meet with the assistant principal for curriculum to discuss upcoming trainings, book studies, teacher needs, and more.

3:45-4:15pm- Period 7 continued. Run back to my classroom, pick up materials for the training. Head to the media center and begin setting up for the rubric training.

4:15-4:35pm- Walk back to the main office, check mailbox, and use the restroom before the training begins. Stop by the guidance office to talk about a student she has information about.

4:35-5:35pm- Facilitate a rubric training on the EET evaluation system to the faculty in the media center. Try to not cry if people start to take a turn for the worse. (Evaluations are a VERY sensitive and heated subject for most teachers!)

5:35-5:45pm- Be available if anyone has any questions. Pack up and get ready to make that long drive home once again.

6:00pm- Arrive at home. Change clothes and go for a quick walk around the neighborhood with the guy.

6:30pm- Prep dinner inside while Brian lights the grill outside. It’s burger night! Turkey burgers with all the fixins and sweet potato fries on the side. Feed the cats who are now reaching levels of starvation while Brian does all the cooking!

7:00pm- Sit down (on the sofa with TV trays- yeah buddy) and eat dinner while watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Sidenote- B is VERY good at solving puzzles!

7:30pm- Start to clean up the kitchen, pack leftover turkey burgers with avocado slices for tomorrow’s lunch in between watching Jeopardy. Do one household chore (vacuum, clean the bathroom, fold laundry, dust, etc.). I try to do SOMETHING everyday so that I’m not overwhelmed cleaning like crazy on the weekends. Brian goes outside and packs up yard debris into bundles so that trashman will stop ignoring the pile.

8:00pm- Second shower of the day. PJ’s on, fill up a tall glass of water, sit on the couch with a pillow on my lap, laptop on, TV on, relaxation time!

10:30pm- Jump in bed with the guy. Play games on our phones, pillow talk, or read a book until we get sleepy. Lights out once the eyelids cannot stay awake anymore!

2:00am- Yell about cats wrestling. One of us (whoever’s turn it is) gets up and lets them outside.

So, tell me about YOUR day? How do you manage your day to day responsibilities? 

And don’t forget to enter my Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k Giveaway!


Riverdancing and Roaches (a typical girl’s night out around these parts)

A few weeks ago, my friend Monica and I got together for coffee one Friday after work. She needed to vent (desperately) and I was happy to lend an ear. Monica’s life is full of adventures, so it’s always interesting to hear her stories. 😉

By the end of the evening, two other friends had joined us, turning a quick after work coffee visit into a 6 hour long girl’s night out.

A few hours into our coffees we realized we all had food on the brain.

We decided to forgo pastries from the Starbucks counter and head to dinner somewhere. Living in Seminole Heights there are always amazing places right around the corner to try out. Sarah and Liz had never been to Ella’s, so before we could think twice, we were there, putting our names down.

By this point it was close to ten. We were hungry and frustrated by the hour and a half wait for a spot. Ella’s has this awesome outdoor patio area and it was suggested that we sit out there and order from the bar. It was a perfect evening, a little cool from after the rain, so we all agreed that would be the plan.

What happened next, no one could predict. No one.

I had known Liz for a few years. But it’s true what they say: You really don’t know someone, until you realllllly know them.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love Liz. She’s become one of my best friends. She’s extremely smart, funny, kind, and there for her friends no matter what. However, Liz was withholding a little secret from us all this time. And until that fateful evening at Ella’s, we were totally in the dark.

I didn’t realize it at first. I mean, I noticed she had decided to pull up a chair to the outdoor booth, but I didn’t think twice about it. I figured she just didn’t want to take a chance of her pants getting wet from the wooden booth.  As we ordered beers and munched on appetizers, I started to see her get a bit fidgety, but again, no big deal. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary. But then. Suddenly. Out of the blue. Appeared this uncontrollable, irrational, blood-curdling screech making me think there was a Walker behind me ready to tear my face off. Then, we all watched as Liz did this:

photo 5Like a frantic crab running along the shore, Liz left our table, ran over to a nearby barstool and began to climb on top of it. It appeared as though she was escaping some unknown force, but we didn’t see a thing! With panic in her voice she screamed “OVER THERE! OVER THERE! ABOVE YOUR HEAD STEPHANIE! OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH IT’S HUGE!”

Well, you can imagine my own fear as I envisioned massive blood thirsty bats hovering over my head, waiting to suck my brains out. I looked around, listening to the laughs of Monica and Sarah, assuring me it was nothing more than a small spider, trapezing through the trees above me, minding her own business in the night. Unfortunately, for Liz, this was doom. Apparently, her biggest, most spine chilling fears are driven by those of the smallest kind: bugs. Here’s a picture of the horrid little creature. It’s blurry, mostly because we were laughing too much to stay still and get a good shot.

photo 4Well, after much coaxing, and convincing that little Charlotte wasn’t going to end any lives tonight, Liz came back to the table, just in time to calmly enjoy Ella’s famous bacon and egg pizza.

photo 3But then. Just when we thought the rest of the evening would be smooth sailing. They appeared.

By the hundreds.

Creeping and squeezing their little shiny, winged bodies through the cracks in the deck underneath Liz’s feet.

Anonymous_PersonSorry. I couldn’t bring myself to putting a closeup photograph of a cockroach on my blog. Nope, not gonna happen. We’ve all seen them, so at this point, go ahead and create a mental picture of thousands hundreds about 10 roaches crawling around a wooden deck taunting Liz with their creepy little antennae flailing in the wind as they peeked through the separations in the deck.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Liz developed a bad case of indigestion from trying to eat and Riverdance the roaches away from her feet.

Monica, the logical one, attempted to calm Liz with words of wisdom that just went in one ear and out the other.

I spilled pizza all over my work polo, but the spilled pizza toppings came in handy, as I threw them away from our table in an attempt to distract the roaches.

photo 2

photo 1And Sarah? Well who do you think was brilliant enough to capture this all on film for me to blog about? Genius.

Oh and because I’ve thoroughly disgusted you by this point, here’s a yummy recipe for Pumpkin Spice Crinkle Cookies.


There, now the image of a roach eating an egg is out of your head.

Have you ever been to Ella’s? Be careful if you dine outside! It’s wild kingdom, apparently. 😉

Love you Liz!!! <3 Steph