Cinnamon apple waffles #EnvyApples

Disclosure: I received free product and compensation because of a partnership with Envy Apples, Publix, and the Tampa Bay Bloggers. All delicious thoughts and words are my own. 

Actually, I wanted the title to be “Fluffy and buttery almond flour waffles topped with sweet carmelized sliced Envy apples, toasted pecans, and a drizzle of warm apple cinnamon tea glaze” but that was a little wordy. 😉

But go ahead and re-read that description above, because hopefully my words were enough to make you go hmmmmm and YUMMMM!

I am currently a few hundred miles from home enjoying a relaxing week in the mountains of North Georgia with my nearest and dearest. When a gorgeous box of fresh and crisp Envy Apples was delivered at my doorstep the day before we hit the road, I knew I’d have to pack these in my bags to share with my family and friends. 

Aren’t they just gorgeous?! (Envy Apples and Allan Brother’s Inc.)

This year I knew that these gorgeous beauties would be the perfect ingredient for whipping up a delicious breakfast contribution at our cozy cabin in the mountains! 

The Envy apple is just apple perfection. Sweet, crisp, and clean, this apple was created as a cross between Royal Gala and Braeburn apples. The flesh is bright and white, and the skin is a gorgeous blend of swirly and speckled reds, oranges, and yellows. Envy apples are in season in the US from November through March, and if you live in the Tampa Bay area, you can pick up a fresh bag of Envy apples from your nearest Publix Market! 

Envy apples are absolutely delicious on their own, sliced up and paired with your favorite nut butter, diced up and tossed into savory salads, or cooked into pies, cakes, or breads! They also make an amazing addition to your favorite sangria recipe! 

At only 18g of carbs per apple, 3g fiber, 65 calories, and around 12g of natural sugar in each medium sized apple, you can feel good about adding these to your daily diet- even if you’re doing low carb or keto (like me), you can enjoy a few slices of these with an added fat (like a drizzle of coconut oil with cocoa powder and stevia, or a dollop of almond butter!). 

We typically have big family meals at the cabin, and Sunday breakfast was the first one of this trip. We whipped up eggs, bacon, and two kinds of waffles with a delicious carmelized apple pecan topping and apple cinnamon tea glaze! 

I don’t typically travel with my own waffle iron, but I just so happened to have had it for this trip. Crispy, buttery, golden waffles turned out to be the PERFECT vessel for this sweet and gooey topping. And the glaze just sends this dish over the mountains! I made it by steeping cinnamon apple tea and then combining the warm tea with powdered sugar to form a glaze. It is out of this world! 

Here’s the recipe!

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Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!!