Shop #SmallBusinessSaturday at Hyde Park Village in #Tampa!

I’ve never been a fan of Black Friday.
In fact, once I went (against my better judgement) to a big box store at their midnight opening and saw people getting into a brawl over 50 cent socks. 

Come on now. 

Since then I’ve politely declined any invitations to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon and stick to participating in something MUCH more my pace: Small Business Saturday!  Continue reading


My favorite #Thanksgiving recipes

October came and went in a flash! 

But that’s ok, because I’m ready (oh-so-ready) for all of the fun the holidays bring! 

We have so many fun things planned over the next couple of weeks that each morning I wake up with an extra pep in my step knowing that I’m one day closer to camping trips, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, a cabin in the mountains getaway, and of course, CHRISTMAS! Continue reading


Slowcooker butternut squash soup w/ grilled cheese croutons

The fall and winter seasons are my favorite times of the year. I love the change of the temperatures, the holidays, the vacations and all those warm-fuzzies that come along with this time of year. 

Especially cheesy holiday Hallmark movies. *squee!*

While it’s ridiculously hot in my neck of the woods (Tampa, FL), I’m excited for a few cold-fronts that will be headed our way this week, AND extremely looking forward to our trip to the mountains of North Georgia in T-20 days.  Continue reading