Mom’s KitchenAid

It’s amazing to think that I lived in the same house most of my life. My parents bought the house in the early 70’s. They were married right at of high school (at the very young age of 20) and bought the house shortly after that. I was born a few years later and spent my childhood, teenage years and even some of my adulthood living in that house. There were bedroom changes when my brother came along, family room additions, the pitter patter of puppy paws, and decor upgrades, but it has always been a place I’ve called home. The memories are bursting at the seams, and at the moment, they hang like a thick cloud near the ceiling. I know one day these moments will bring me great joy. I need to keep this thought close. Continue reading


10 Commandments (or how to not get your achilles tendon slashed)

A few years ago I was hired to be a middle school science teacher for a new school. I had been teaching in an elementary setting for 8 years, and was given an opportunity to jump head first into middle school. I remember being totally overwhelmed with the thought of only teaching 1 subject to 12 year olds, but was excited to leave the little ones behind and, as the Jefferson’s said, move on up. Continue reading


Iron Girl

I get up in the morning light,
My boyfriend asks “this time will I get an invite?”
Oh, sweetie, dear,
You’ll have your day in the sun,
But girls,
They just wanna ru-un
Oh, girls,
They just wanna run!

Wanna run? Join me (and lots of other awesome, inspiring, empowering, beautiful, rockstar women) as we knock out 3.1 miles at the Athleta Iron Girl 5k event on Sunday April 14th in Clearwater, FL! Continue reading


Is that a glow stick in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Tonight we were transported to the days of the skating rink and “all night glow skate parties”. Except tonight, there were no wheels in sight. We ran! In fact hundreds of glowy people covered the streets of St. Pete tonight during the Glow Run 5k race. This was my first night race. I prefer to do any running in the dark. Jelly rolls aren’t as noticeable in the dark. Continue reading


Out with the old, in with the flu

Happy New Year!
Sure I’m a few days late, but I’ve been in a bit of a flu-coma since the stroke of midnight.
After the countdown, way too many pudding shots (recipe to follow), and the last firework had fizzled, I could feel it. Those sneezy, achy, running-nose fever filled symptoms that can only mean one thing: I was infected. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t bitten. Mr. KKM made sure to check).

Continue reading