Mom’s KitchenAid

It’s amazing to think that I lived in the same house most of my life. My parents bought the house in the early 70’s. They were married right at of high school (at the very young age of 20) and bought the house shortly after that. I was born a few years later and spent my childhood, teenage years and even some of my adulthood living in that house. There were bedroom changes when my brother came along, family room additions, the pitter patter of puppy paws, and decor upgrades, but it has always been a place I’ve called home. The memories are bursting at the seams, and at the moment, they hang like a thick cloud near the ceiling. I know one day these moments will bring me great joy. I need to keep this thought close. Continue reading


Spaghetti squash pizza pie

I love spaghetti squash.
I love that it’s tasty. 
I love that I can order it as a side dish at Ruby Tuesday. 
I love that it looks like and acts like pasta.
I love that I can turn it into a million different recipes. Continue reading