One crazy week!

Wow! The last 2 weeks have been super on-the-go! Between camping, anniversaries, birthdays and now THE wedding, I haven’t had a moment to just stop and write a blog post! 🙂

So here’s a little check in! I’ll be back soon to tell you all about the fun stuff that’s been going on in my world. For now, I leave you with this!




2 years

Two years ago today I met the guy I’m lucky enough to call my boyfriend.

Our first date was dinner at a sports bar watching the Rays play. For almost the entire time he didn’t make eye contact with me. He’d either look down, look past or look at the game, occasionally meeting my eyes, but then quickly diverting somewhere else. At the time, I had come to grips with the fact that this would be just another free meal with an adorable guy who was most definitely not interested. We watched the entire game, then I drove him to his car since it was pouring rain outside and we were parked on opposite sides of the lot. We chatted in my truck for a while and when he went in for a good night kiss, I obliviously turned away, having him smack one on my cheek. It wasn’t until we were driving home after our date had ended, when he called “just to talk”, that I knew he was different, and that this could potentially be something special.  Continue reading


“I do”

I hinted about an upcoming wedding in my post about my poor little broken toe.Yes, it’s still broken.Yes, it still hurts.

But it’s better. Well enough to wear running shoes, but still uncomfortable for anything fancier.Thankfully, I’m not a very fancy person. #flipfloplife Continue reading


Judy’s tales: Sing a song

As long as I can remember, my mom loved to sing. One of the earliest memories I have of my mom singing is when I was a very young child, maybe 3 or 4, and my mom would sing “It’s Baby’s Mi-Mi time” as we marched to bed each night. Once I was all tucked in, mom would sing the Lawrence Welk goodnight song to me before turning off the lights. Continue reading


Gusty Cooks Club: Fiyuelos

One of my mother’s all time favorite breakfast foods were Spanish crepes called Fiyuelos. As a child, she’d beg her mother (my grandmother Josephine) to make these thin, flat crepes for her and her cousin Sandra on the weekends. The girls would wait patiently as Abuelamom heated up butter in a cast-iron skillet and whisked together the simple ingredients: eggs, flour, salt, sugar, milk, rum extract, melted butter. Continue reading