Journey not finish line

I’ve come to find that no one has the answers when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. In the end, you truly must do what works for you. We cannot depend on a new diet gimmick, weight loss tricks or the like. And although we like to take the advice of others, sometimes that advice isn’t something that will benefit you and your own journey. Continue reading


Change is good

Change is good. I’ve heard that a million times before, but never truly internalized just how right that is. I truly believe in the phrase “the grass is greener on the other side.” It may be brown and filled with weeds when you first get there, but over time you learn what it takes to change it. You learn that in order for grass to be green you must water, fertilize, cultivate and weed it. Hard work, dedication, care, consistency and love will make the grass just as green, if not greener, than the grass you left. Continue reading



So today while I was at Orange Theory Fitness getting my calorie burn on, something gross happened to me. No, not gross, disgusting.

The class was half way into the session and I had just finished my rowing and weights circuits. We cleaned up and disinfected our areas, then switched sides. I climbed on a treadmill and started doing my thing. I was pouring sweat from the first half, and my nifty OTF orange towel was already soaked with my sweat as well. We were about 5 minutes into this set when I see a guy approach my treadmill from the weight room side. I figured he was just heading to his rower when he climbs onto the back of my treadmill and grabs my towel from the cup holder. Continue reading


Fight like a girl

Before my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I thought I was an advocate. I wore pink in October, and even participated in a few breast cancer awareness walks. If someone was fundraising, I would donate a few dollars, and even change my profile picture to a pink ribbon on occasion. I didn’t know much about the disease, just that there seemed to be a massive driving force towards bringing awareness, advocacy and all that is pink towards the public eye. Continue reading


Friday Five: The “Heck Yeah” edition

It’s Friday ya’ll! Can I get a woot woot?

Here are 5 things that make me wanna say “heck yeah!”

1. My article is the featured article on the Dirty Girl Mud Run blog page! Team Zombie, represent! Heck yeah!

2. I just registered Mr. OS and I for our first joint mud run! We’ll be running in the Mud Endeavor Twilight 5k and mud obstacle course out at the Pasco County Fairgrounds this July. Registration is currently BOGO, so grab a friend and join us! We’ll be hitting the 8pm wave. Head lamps? Heck yeah! Continue reading