#LiveLifeFresh with OrganicGirl! #Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post through a partnership with organicgirl to help spread the word about the #LiveLifeFresh campaign. I received compensation in the form of free products for this post. All opinions are my own.

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays and ringing in 2017!

We spent most of December eating, drinking and definitely being merry with family and friends here in Tampa. 

Now that the new year is here, I’ve got my sights set on the fact that we will be tying the knot in 100 days!

100 days until the big day!? I feel like he just popped the question yesterday! 😉picmonkey-collage

I also said “YES” to the dress a few months ago…dress

I just LOVE my dress. It’s perfect for the outdoor evening wedding we are planning and is so beautifully flowy and flattering. And although it fits, I really want to look and feel my best on our big day! 

Luckily I just recently learned about Organicgirl’s Live Life Fresh campaign!live-life-fresh-home-page-v13

Who is organicgirl? You may have seen these products out and about at your local markets like Publix, Greenwise markets and Whole Foods. Organicgirl is a small group of women and men in California’s fertile Salinas Valley who want to offer the best organic produce ever offered. Their products are organic packaged in 100% recycled plastic containers, and shipped to stores as fast as possible to ensure freshness. 

My two biggest goals for the next 100 days (and beyond) is to eat as healthy as I can (clean ingredients, lean meats, lots of fresh produce, limiting refined sugars and grains) and moving my body in some way every day for the next 100 days (walking, Orangetheory, swimming, yoga/stretching).

Organicgirl offers the BEST options for adding healthy, fresh and delicious ingredients into everyday meals and snacks. Although they’re known for their good clean greens and salad love dressings, they also offer delicious cold-pressed green juices! My favorite greens are the sweet pea. SO fresh and delicious! productfeature-sweetpea

All of their products have supported me in my health and fitness goals in the past, so I am VERY excited to hear about organicgirl’s latest campaign to help people be their healthiest self this year! fit


To help us #livelifefresh, organicgirl is hosting a sign up to win giveaway of salad, dressings and juices FOR A YEAR + a $500 gift card to the trendy online fitness boutique evolve fitwear + $100 to your favorite grocery store! 

Beyond the grand prize, organicgirl will be giving other prizes along the way, too! How CUTE are the clothing options from evolve fitwear? (and many pieces go up to size XXL & XXXL!). 

To enter, click here and let me how your 2017 is going so far!  How do you intend to #LiveLifeFresh this year? 




Starting from where you are

So often I hear people speaking of regrets. 
How if only they had done x, y or z, life might be a little different, a little better, etc. 
How they’ve waited too long to make a decision, and now it might be too late. 
How they’re too old, or too out of shape, or too <enter excuse here> to reach a goal, try something new or fix a problem they’re experiencing. 

And when they do consider moving past those regrets, they’re often stricken with a bad case of the “what if’s.”
What if I can’t do it? What if it won’t work? What if I give up? What if it turns out badly?  Continue reading


10 ways to get the most out of your #Orangetheory workout

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, nor am I a registered dietitian, nutritionist or personal trainer. I am sharing my own workout experience which is unique, and may not reflect the experiences of others. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for them. Before considering any workout routine or lifestyle change, please consult your physician.

It’s no secret that I love Orangetheory Fitness. I’ve been a member for 3 years and love the motivation, inspiration and strength that has entered my life since joining. 

Orangetheory is unlike any workout out there. It’s fun, challenging, builds confidence and is the perfect way to support a healthy lifestyle. Not only do I get an awesome heart-pumping, fat-burning and muscle-building workout with every session, but I also receive amazing support from the coaches, camaraderie from other members, nutritional support through multiple weight-loss challenges they host throughout the year, and the ability to meet (and smash!) personal goals during special event challenges such as Peak Performance, Hell Week and the OTF Marathon challenge. All of these characteristics make OTF is so much more than just “joining a gym.” And over the past 3 years I’ve learned some things that have helped me make the most out of each visit to OTF. If you’re a current member, or are thinking about joining, these tips will help you successfully continue or begin your journey!

1- Book your workouts at least a week in advanced. OTF allows you to schedule your sessions through the Web or from your phone using their app. Booking in advanced allows you to write down your scheduled sessions in your planner or save them to your phone’s calendar. This helps with accountability, especially when you treat your classes like important appointments that you wouldn’t miss. It also gives you a chance to build a routine through the consistency and commitment you create when you book in advanced. 

2- Dress comfortably. Wear proper fitting, breathable, comfortable clothing. If your pants are falling down, or riding up, you’re going to be distracted. Invest in some pieces that will ensure your time spent is working out, not adjusting. 

3- Arrive to classes on time. Set those reminder alarms and make sure you get to class on time- or even a bit early! This gives you a change to relax a bit, get your mind in ready for your workout, and hear important announcements from the coaches prior to the start of the class. 

4- Clear your mind. Leave all of life’s stresses, feelings of insecurity or embarrassment, and worries at the door. OTF is your safe place. It’s a time to escape all of that negativity and reset your day. Leave all of your problems and life’s distractions at the door and just focus on spending 60 minutes on yourself. Your mind is worth it! (That means locking your phone away in a locker in the waiting area too!). 

5-  Hydrate! Make sure that you have been keeping up with your water intake prior to working out. Nothing ruins a workout like dizziness or dehydration (been there!). Make sure to bring water to your session as well. If you forget your bottle, they have a water fountain in the workout room and they also sell bottles at the front desk, so you’re covered! 

6- Bring a friend (or make a friend in class)! One of the greatest things that has helped me stay motivated has been surrounding myself with like-minded people. I have friends that I work out with in person, virtual accountability partners and other people that I connect with through social media who are all amazing partners! Building a healthy tribe can truly help you make choices that will help you reach your goals. 

7- No comparisons. The comparison game is a destructive one. You may not be the “fittest” or “fastest” in the room, but it doesn’t matter. You’re there, your’e sweating, you’re moving and doing something good for your body, just like everyone else who’s in there with you. Remember that everyone is on their own journey. If you need a modification, ask your coach for one. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. This is your personal journey. Clear your mind, and focus on your goals and your progress! Be proud on what YOU are doing! 10522096_10152648660447474_4427446602469893934_n

8- Listen to and trust your coach. They are the experts and will help to make sure your workout is effective and safe. When they correct your form, make sure to follow their lead. When they provide you with feedback, listen to it. The encouragement, support and guidance the coaches at OTF give you will be the key to your success and safety.

9- Challenge yourself. With each workout, work towards being better and stronger than who you were in the past. Always believe that you can push yourself, even if it’s just a tiny bit more than the day before. Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits! Set small goals for yourself- like adding .1 to your push pace on the treadmill. Small goals lead to big changes over time! 

(From the Westchase OTF Facebook page)

(From the Westchase OTF Facebook page)

10- Back up your hard work in the kitchen. Eat as many clean, fresh, homemade ingredients as you can. Don’t reverse the hard work you put in at OTF by fueling your body with foods that will set you back. Healthy eating CAN be delicious!

What are YOUR tips for getting the most out of your #Orangetheory workout? Do share!

And If you live in the Tampa Bay Area and would like to try an OTF as my guest, let me know! It truly is the greatest investment you can spend on yourself and I would be happy to workout with you for your first time!



Orange Theory Fitness Review

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, nor am I a registered dietitian, nutritionist or personal trainer. I am sharing my own workout and training experience which is unique, and may not reflect the experiences of others. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for them. Before considering any workout routine or lifestyle change, please consult your physician.

If you’ve been an Orangespoken reader for a while now, and follow me on the social media, you’ve probably heard me talk about Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) once or twice, or 1,000 times. It’s because I truly love the place. And that’s no lie. In fact, no one is compensating me for this post. I’m not “working” for Orangetheory (even though my blog title may say otherwise) 😉 I just really dig the workout. I’ve been there for over two years and each time I leave a 60 minute session, I walk out refreshed, energized; feeling strong, empowered and confident. Yes kids, it’s really that good. Continue reading


#TeamJudy is ready to GLOW!

As a member of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I have been invited to be a “Race Ambassador for the Cure” at  the upcoming Susan G. Komen 1 mile, 5k and 10k Glow run in St. Pete! 

Breast cancer awareness month is right around the corner. While this is an important time of the year, not only to spread awareness of this disease, but to also take a moment to remember those who have survived, those who are currently fighting, and those who we have had to say heartfelt goodbyes to.  Continue reading


7 Ways to Boost your Athletic Confidence

I’ve had my share of negative thoughts when it comes to doing any kind of physical activity; especially when it comes to working out around others who may faster, more experienced or in “better” physical shape than I. Deciding to take the step and start an exercise routine is a choice you should make based on what’s right for your body, what’s going to improve your health and what’s going to make you feel good about yourself.  However there’s something that many who want to begin running, going to a gym, swimming or any other type of exercise often lack: CONFIDENCE. Continue reading


A fun #yoga event at Fox Fitness!

Yoga has been on my radar for-ev-er.
It’s always been something that I’ve been intrigued by, but never thought I could actually learn to do. 

The thing that has discouraged me from diving in is the fact that I have never felt as though I had “the right body type” to be able to do certain poses or stretches. So although it’s been on my mind, I’ve never actually made the decision to start.  Continue reading


Foam rolling workshop and a GIVEAWAY!

Do you foam roll? If not, you should be! 

10917398_648413018614755_603476561940650032_nFoam rolling is a form of self-massage using your own body weight that has SO many benefits including:
    – Reduced tension and stress
    – Increased circulation
    – Lengthening/stretching of tight muscles
    – Reduction and prevention of aches and pain
    – Injury prevention
    – Increased energy
    – Increased range of motion
    – Increased performance in the gym
    – Improved posture
    – Faster recovery from workouts

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’ve got GREAT news for you! Becky Fox, the trainer behind Fox Fitness in Tampa, is hosting a “This is how we roll” foam rolling workshop! Becky is the PERFECT person to guide you through foam rolling 101. She is patient, positive, and will help you step by step through the foam rolling process! The workshop will be held on July 25th from 8:30-9:45am at Martial Arts Advantage…3311 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33629. The cost is $20 and is space is limited so if you’re interested, click here to register! Now about that giveaway…. would you like to WIN a foam roller of your own?! 


I’m giving away TWO Pro-tech 18″ pink foam rollers! The high density foam roller stretches muscles and tendons, breaks down soft tissue adhesion, and soothes tight fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues. 

71iHsjvTgyL._SL1500_Why PINK? Because a portion of each pink Pro-tech foam roller sold is donated to breast cancer research and awareness through the American Cancer Society! That’s something I can get behind! #TeamJudy 

Use the Rafflecopter below to enter and have this awesome workout tool shipped right to the doors of 2 lucky winners! Good luck! 🙂 You’ll have until Monday, July 20th to enter. Open to U.S. residents only. Winners will be announced via social media and this blog on Tuesday morning! 

Disclosure: Prizes provided by Orangespoken.com and Pro-tec Athletics. 


7 tips for working out in the morning

Breaking news: You don’t have to be insane to enjoy morning workouts!

I know right? I was shocked too. People ask me alllllll the time:
“How do you get up so early for workouts? I could NEVER do that!”
Guys, I’m telling you. Morning workouts are where it’s AT.  Continue reading


Fox Fitness update (and benefits of working out with a trainer!)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, today I wrapped up 3 weeks with Fox Fitness11407043_1103847322961941_7289741310017489761_n

We started our morning with mid-month measurements and a fitness assessment! Since my first workout session on May 27th I’ve lost inches on my hips, upper arms and thighs (<based on both gym & at home measurements)! And as I mentioned yesterday, my ankles and feet feel so much stronger from working out on the squishy martial arts mats without shoes. That’s a BIG plus for me because I’ve struggled with things like Plantar’s Fasciitis in the past and can use all the help I can get with strengthening my feet and ankles!  Continue reading