Play Ball

I love baseball.In fact, it’s the only sport I’ll watch. I love everything about it: the rules, the teams, pitching, live games.
It’s America’s past time, you know.

And with that brings a love of playing the game, as well, which is why I decided to finally join a softball team last year and get my cleats dirty once a week.

(That’s me catching)

I remember seeing an advertisement on Craigslist about a City of Tampa team looking for a few girls to join their coed slow-pitch league. Although I hadn’t played in Y-E-A-R-S, I decided to give it a season and see how I liked it.

(and batting)

4 seasons later, Wednesdays and Thursdays have become my favorite days of the week! It’s competitive, but not in a “we’re going to kick you off the team for dropping that ball” kind of way. The people are laid back and it truly is an awesome way to spend an evening.

(more batting)

I’ve pretty much always played catcher (which I don’t mind ONE bit). I love interacting with the pitcher, the home plate ump and all the players at bat for the opposing team. It’s fun to hear the self-pep talks, groans and smart ass remarks they’ll make about anything and everything related to the game.

I’m by no means a power player, but I never miss a game, and always give it 100% while I’m out there on the field.

Oh, and before I go, check out this video of one of my at-bats where I make contact! Don’t laugh at my running though- running in clay with cleats is different than the pavement!

(turn up the sound to hear that lovely crack of the bat!)

Many of my readers are runners or triathletes. Aside from those individual sports, do you play any team sports? Which do you enjoy more?


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