Violet Beauregarde

In a previous post I introduced you all to
one of my favorite local springtime spots: BlueYouth Berry Farm in
Odessa. Well, I’m excited to share pictures from our 2nd annual
trip out to the farm! The berries were a-plenty: ripe, juicy and
HUGE! There were some that were almost the size of quarters! Very
impressive. The temps were amazing- we went at the absolute perfect
time (early AM)- and I left with 2lbs of blues, 1 bell pepper tree,
and a basil plant, all for $12! Here are some shots from our romp
in the blueberry bushes:

After our outing
I stopped by my local Publix and took a peek at what they were
selling berries for.I was shocked to see a teeny tiny 8oz package
of blues selling for $4.99. And they’re a product of Chile! Sorry,
but I feel much better about driving 15 miles out to Odessa to pay
$6/lb of fresh, right of the vine, pesticide free,
local berries with my own bare hands.
I’m back at home with fresh
blueberry muffins cooking away in the oven. Stay tuned for that
recipe and a delicious blueberry pie and cornbread as
well! It’s definitely blueberry time around these parts. Let’s just
hope the guy and I don’t turn out looking like poor
bubblegum chewing Violet:

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