Love & Cooking

So it’s no secret I’ve found someone fabulous. He’s kind,
smart, cute, funny, loving.

What more could
a girl ask for?

Well, this foodie can find
just one, and only one thing wrong with this dreamy man: his
tastebuds. That’s right. His tastebuds. The man is THE pickiest
eater on the planet. Well, maybe not THE pickiest. I think my mom
Judy still has that title. But he’s a close second.

Of course I’ve completely looked passed this
“quirk” and have still fallen in love head over heels, but, as many
of you know, I love a challenge. Especially when it involves food.

After much research, I have decided to add
a little spin to my cute little blog and not only trick all of
your tastebuds (my devoted readers) with low
fat, sugar free recipes that make you feel like your’e eating the
real thing, but his too! I mean one
cannot go through life without eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
It’s just impossible! At some point or another one must succomb and
admit to the delicousness of a fresh peach, crunchy sweet carrots
and (my fav) velvety sweet potatoes. So I plan on creating recipes
that (at first) hide the goodness, so he’ll never know they’re even
inside, then ease him into small bites here and there until (evil
laugh) he falls in love with brocoli, asparagus, and

Impossible? Well, I’ve already
tricked him once today, and he ate 5 of them! (stay tuned for that
recipe), so I think it CAN be done. Not every recipe will be a
success, but I’m hoping to have more hits than misses.

If YOU have any ideas on how you hide the goodness
into your family’s favorite dishes, please feel free to share! I’ll
post them on FakedGoods and give you the credit.

Happy eating!

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