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I was invited to participate in a 21 Day group training challenge with Fox Fitness of Tampa through my work with the Tampa Bay Bloggers. All sweaty, muscle-building, fat-burning opinions are my own. 😉

I love working out.
Like, LOVE it.

Even when my 4:15am alarm goes off, it doesn’t take much to shake the “oh my gosh it’s ridiculously early and I just want to stay under the covers” thoughts. Once I’m up and laced up, I’m ready to go.

For me, working out is like recess for adults. Whether I’m at Orangetheory, or jogging down Bayshore, working out is my playtime. There’s no need for makeup, I can sweat, run, lift, have fun with equipment and “play” with my peers- high fives included. It’s something I look forward to every day.

So when I was invited to try out a new-to-me workout opportunity, I jumped at the chance.

I love a challenge!

Fox Fitness is the product of the fabulous personal trainer Becky Fox. 1555405_985105111502830_39949594026152441_n

Becky has been in the fitness industry for over 9 years and truly understands the science of living your healthiest life. She’s helped 100’s of clients reach their fitness goals and incorporate healthy choices into even the most hectic of lives. 11088557_1058018354211505_3236034707610562049_n

Think you can’t fit in a workout into your busy schedule? Too overwhelmed to prep meals? Becky is there to make it a totally doable routine for anyone. Her workout sessions are personalized and designed for all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Her nutrition plans focus on eating nutritious, real food in a way that can help her clients make life-long changes which lead to results, without feeling deprived. No gimmicks or unsafe methods for quick results. Becky is all about educating people on what it means to live a healthy life- for the long run.


In addition to fitness and nutrition, Becky believes in the power of social support. She offers a special private Facebook group for her clients, giving them the opportunity to network with one another, provide each other with support, share ideas and recipes, and celebrate successes as the work through the program. Becky stays connected to her clients- making sure they stay motivated, feel supported, and successful. It’s an added touch that really separates Fox Fitness from the rest!


My 21 Day Fox Fitness challenge began on Wednesday with my first workout session with Becky and her existing training group. Prior to that first session we were able to chat on the phone about my goals for the challenge, my fitness experiences and other information that would help Becky be able to support me in the best way possible. This is something she offers all of her potential clients. (After reading this, if you’re interested in learning more about the program you can request a complementary success session with Becky from the website.)

Workout sessions are held Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings from either 5:30-6:15am or 6:30-7:15am at
Martial Arts Advantage
3311 South Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL 33629

I opted for the 5:30am classes since I start work around 8am. This gives me plenty of time to get home, eat breakfast, pack my lunch and shower before heading out the door. I arrived a bit early to do a little meet and greet with Becky. She gave me a run-down about what to expect and then we chatted a bit more about my goals, any injuries that might prevent me from doing a movement, and other information I would need to know in order to make my session as successful as possible. We also took a moment to take starting measurements to help track my progress over the next 21 days. During both our chat on the phone and in person, Becky made me feel at ease. Her warm and welcoming personality shined through- even when she made us do burpees later on in the session. 😉

As the other members of the group trickled through, everyone seemed pretty happy to be there. They too were welcoming, and very inspiring throughout the workout. I noticed that many of the women that were in this class (it was all women, however men are totally welcome, there just weren’t any there that session!) were from all different walks of life- different ages, sizes, shapes, abilities. Throughout the 45 minute session (in between the sweat and burn!) there were lots of laughs, connections made, and support all around. Becky is what I call a sneaky trainer: her positive attitude, fun workout routines and motivating words make you totally forget what you’re doing. By the time the session was over, it felt like it had just begun! Sneaky, sneaky. 😉 There were only a few movements I needed modification with, and Becky was quick to provide me with some options. She also took a lot of time monitoring the other clients, making sure their form was correct and that they were getting the most out of their session. We ended the workout with a great stretch session, and in the end I felt fantastic and was already thinking about what the next workout would be like.


I’m really looking forward to sharing my progress and experience with Fox Fitness with all of you! If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, consider joining me! And for more information on Fox Fitness, check Becky out on social media or get in touch with Becky by clicking here or at calling her at 813-803-5638!
Facebook: Fox Fitness
Instagram: @BeckyFoxFitness
Twitter: @BeckyFoxFitness

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