Stretching and Massage with

Disclaimer: I’m not a physical fitness expert, so please consult your doctor prior to starting any form of physical exercise or change to your diet and/or lifestyle. 

Stretching is NOT something I’m good at. 

Let me rephrase- I know how to stretch, but I don’t always dedicate the time and effort to stretch!

Why? Who knows. Sometimes I forget, sometimes I feel like it’s too time consuming. Sometimes I feel like it HURTS and so I avoid it (hello foam rolling and deep tissue massage!). But I NEED to make a better effort to work on flexibility and healing every day. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who has trouble getting into a regular stretching/massage routine.When you first start a regimen like this, you may find some maneuvers or techniques are a breeze, while others are more of a challenge. Some stretches I just have to modify due to rolls or curves getting in the way, or a limited reach in my flexibility. You may find that you need the same types of modifications when you first begin. This totally ok! Start off with what you CAN do, and modify as you go. If you stick with it, and make it a routine, you’ll find that as time goes on you’ll be able to reach a bit farther, and do more than you could when you started. 

For me, being a plus sized runner has its challenges: joint pain, fatigue, longer healing time etc. Stretching and massage helps me overcome and alleviate these challenges by helping me be stronger, more flexible and more resistant to injury! If those aren’t enough reasons to get our stretch and massage on, here’s a few more!

Regular stretching and massage can…

  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Increase range of movement in your joints
  • Enhance your muscular coordination
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Increase energy levels 
  • Reduces stress
  • Heal and prevent injury
  • Wake-up your lymphatic system
  • And if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, just the stretching routine itself can be a great way to start moving, elongate your muscles (they shorten as they go unused) and burn some calories! 

No matter what your body type, athletic level, age or ability, there are stretches and massage techniques out there for you! There are also a variety of tools and equipment that can help make your regimen a lot easier- like the amazing deep tissue massage tools from Deep Recovery!

Deep Recovery makes unique deep tissue self massage tools that will help to restore your flexibility and heal! They teach you everything you need to know to recover and maintain healthy tissues on your own at home- no matter your skill level or size. 

They offer a variety of products, kits and video resources to fit anyone’s needs and budget: (from the website)

  • The Body Track™
    If you get sore hands, wrists, ankles, feet, or back/shoulders, the Body Track will work magic on you! Small enough to fit in your gym bag or carry-on travel case, you’ll want to take it with you. 
  • The Neck Track™
    Do you carry tension in your neck or jaw? If you’ve got a pain in the neck, our Neck Track is great for releasing that tension and is easy-to-use while you watch TV. You’ll find the Neck Track has lots of other uses too – try it on your abs, glutes, calves and more.
  • Massage Balls
    Tennis, hockey and lacrosse balls are great but aren’t always perfect for trigger point release. So, we’ve designed what we consider the perfect set of massage therapy balls.

As many of you know, I have struggled with Plantar’s Fasciitis in my left foot for a while now. I have been able to finally find some relief by incorporating a number of techniques including wearing a stretching boot (or sleeping boot) when I know I’ll be sitting for a long time to keep my foot flexed and stretched, wearing proper shoes at all times (running shoes with proper insoles, and shoes like Vionic and Aetrex brands that are specifically made with support in mind), and massaging the arch, heel and calf of my left leg using the Deep Recovery body track with the massage balls! I love that the equipment is compact enough to throw into my luggage when I travel to ensure stretching and massage on the road. 

How often do you stretch? What are your favorite stretches? How do you stay consistent with a stretching routing? 

Disclosure: I have partnered with Deep Recovery and have been compensated with free product in exchange for my honest review.