Redefining strength at The Bar Method Tampa!

As I continue on this journey towards creating my strongest and healthiest self, I’ve spent a lot of time rethinking what nutrition really means as far as fueling my body and my goals. After a year of and a half of following a low carb, no sugar way of clean eating, I have a better understanding of what makes me feel good from the inside out, and have gotten into a great rhythm of tried-and-true recipes, go-to weeknight meals, and staying on my plan even while on the road for work. 

This journey hasn’t been perfect, though. Yes I have lost 85lbs, and yes feel SO much better than I have in years, but truth be told, throughout this journey I’ve been struggling, specifically in the around my workout routine. And not just the physical aspects of exercising, but the mental and emotional challenges as well. And I haven’t really talked about them, until recently. Continue reading