Brunch with the chicas

It’s Sundays like today that make accepting the the hour I
lost last night due to daylight saving time a little easier to
swallow. My friend Monica is a natural born
entertainer. Her get togethers are always warm and
inviting- filled with scrumptious smells, delicious drinks
and of course her cozy home. When she sent out an
invite for a brunch with the chicas, I knew this event would be no
less than amazing. You see, it’s not about gourmet foods, fancy
china or expensive decor that make a foodie get together memorable.
And Monica knows that. It’s the little things- the conversation,
soft cloth napkins, rustic self-serve dishes and Rufus (we’ll get
to that in a second) that make a get together worth carving out
time for.

My new best friend Pinterest led
me to what I thought would be a fun and easy dish to bring to
share: baked eggs in bread bowls.

It’s pretty easy to pull together. I wasn’t sure
what kind of bread to use, but finally decided on these:

After proofing
for about 4 hours,

they became perfect crusty
little vessels for the eggs!
I followed the recipe to a
T, only modifying the size of the eggs (the breads were a bit
small, so I thought medium sized eggs would work better than the
large ones suggested in the recipe.
Next time (and there
WILL be a next time), I will cook these little
guys about 10 minutes less than the recipe suggests to ensure
runni-ness, as these eggs were more like soft boiled. I tihnk, per
Monica’s suggestion, I’d add a bit more cream as well. Other than
those modifications, I thought they were quite yummy and would love
to play around with cheeses and herbs.

Here is the recipe once again if you’d like to try
it out for yourself! Make sure to comment on this post with your
own versions of these baked eggs!

As for the
rest of the brunch? Well there were other scrumptious dishes:
quiche, hashbrown casserole, spinach dip, pull apart lemon bread
and homemade peach bellini’s (I had four. Don’t judge).

Combine the above with great
conversation, lots of laughs, a bit of wedding planning (go Monica
go!) and tons of head pats given out to Mr. Rufus, and you’ve got
one perfect Sunday.

Oh, and
let’s not forget our parting gift. Monica never fails to provide us
with a little touch of home. She’s a classy lady I tell ya! (rum

So how was YOUR Sunday?