Chicas and Zucchini Tomato Quiche

Last Sunday, my dear friend Monica hosted the gals for her monthly chicas brunch. These get together were put on hold for a little something called her wedding, which, of course, we understood. 😉 But as of Sunday, we were back in business, getting anywhere from 5-10 chicas (Spanish for girlfriends) together for dishes, dishing, and of course, mimosas. Monica also made an amazing lip polish scrub for us to take home as a gift. The stuff is amazing! You can find the recipe here.

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Since Monica and Tom’s engagement, our chicas brunch conversations have been focused on wedding planning for the most part. And it was no surprise that the first brunch since they said “I do” would revolve around the wedding. Although the wedding is over, and no one else is engaged, we’ll still find plenty to fill our hours with in between bites of delicious dishes and sparkling mimosas at future brunches.

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We seemed to talk a lot about relationships this time around. Specifically friendships and how they evolve and change over time. We all agreed that we all have friendships that run much deeper than family relationships, and the age old “blood is thicker than water” doesn’t always ring true. Our conversations aren’t always this deep, but we have definitely become a group that can talk about anything, cheer each other through successes and support one another through all of life’s moments. I love this group of girls and am proud to call them my friends.

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I was feeling a bit lazy this weekend, so instead of heading to the store to buy something to bring to chicas brunch, I looked towards my fridge and whipped up a quick and easy cheeseless zucchini and tomato quiche. Technically it’s not a quiche without cheese, however, it wasn’t a fritatta, nor was it a souffle, so I called it what I thought it was closest to. This dish is satisfying, (cheap!), and can feed a crowd of chicas. Try it at your next brunch, or treat yourself to an easy weeknight dinner.


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