Tis’ the season

I’m dying for summer. Spring is just “ok” as far as I’m concerned. It’s still too cold (even in FL) for summer fruits, beach swims and crabbing. Some of the things that I LOVE.

I was, though, quite surprised to see a great, BIG pile of seedless watermelons at my local Sweetbay this afternoon as I stopped by for some groceries.

I LOVE WATERMELON, so of course I bought 2 (they were 2 for $5.00). Just smelling the flesh after the first initial slice takes me back to being a 7 year old, swimming in my backyard pool with my cousins, and getting out of the water to munch on ice cold slices of melon. Red juice dripping down my arms and all over my baby soup (bathing suit- so I had a little speech impediment) spitting out seed after seed into freshly cut grass. How we didn’t have melons growing all over the backyard is still a mystery to me.
Even though I’m all grown up now, and that pool is long gone, I still get the same satisfaction out of eating a bowl of melon chunks over the sink because of all these amazing memories I have floating in my mind.

What are your favorite watermelon recipes? I think I’ll start working on this one, but I’d love your ideas! 🙂

Enjoy this beautiful Florida day while it lasts!

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