Journey not finish line

I’ve come to find that no one has the answers when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. In the end, you truly must do what works for you. We cannot depend on a new diet gimmick, weight loss tricks or the like. And although we like to take the advice of others, sometimes that advice isn’t something that will benefit you and your own journey.

I experienced something yesterday that I never thought I would experience. Someone in my fitness world, whom I trusted, provided me (and others) with advice that immediately sent up a red flag. The advice made me uncomfortable and ashamed to have ever even interacted with this person. I had no idea they would even begin to suggest activities that could potentially be harmful; not only physically but emotionally as well.

This person suggested some extreme measures for showing progress on the scale in order to appear to be more successful during weekly weigh-ins. At first, I was shocked at the advice, but as the day went on, and I continued to think about the suggestion, I became infuriated and hurt. Even as I write this I feel hot tears welling up in my eyes. And they’re not personal tears. I know the advice was wrong. I know that I would never, ever stoop so low. However, the hurt I feel is for others who have gotten this advice who may just have begun their journey to health. You see, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about numbers on a scale. Living a healthy lifestyle means feeding your body, mind and soul. The advice that was given would not have fit into any of those categories. In fact, for someone just beginning their journey, and possibly thinking that this behavior IS ok and an accepted part of weight loss, can pose long lasting negative emotional effects.

I’ve been there before. I’ve been the only teenager sitting in a weight loss meeting, waiting to be weighed in, empty stomach, hoping that the fact that I did not eat or drink all day would make the scale move down, avoiding any disappointment from those counting on me to lose. I know how vulnerable an overweight, out of shape, depressed and unhappy person can be. And I know that when you are in that unhappy place, you could do what it takes to get out of there; even if that means potentially harming your body because of a trusted professionals suggestion.

Thankfully I’m not that person anymore. Of course I am a work in progress, but in the end, there is no finish line. There’s no set date in place for when I need to be a X size or # weight. I ate fro yo today and I don’t think I’m a failure now. I don’t need to start over every time I miss a work out or drink a glass of wine. This is life.

I wish I could speak to each and every one of the people who might have red the advice and urged them to not partake; but I can’t. However, I know that there are people who read  my blog; many of whom have just started a journey to whole body health. If there is one thing that you take away from this post today, it’s that you DON’T need to do anything that doesn’t feel right. You DON’T need to jeopardize your health or conscious to see numbers move on a scale. You DON’T need to hate yourself because you ate or drank something “not on the plan”. There is NO finish line. The awesome thing about you is that you’ve decided. You are moving, you are prepping, you are making better choices. You are not binging anymore. You are not hiding and hoarding snacks. You don’t need to eat an entire pizza to be happy. You are drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated. You are surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting and supportive people who are running this life right next to you; not waiting at the finish line “hoping” that you actually succeed. You don’t need to succumb to extremes to know just how beautiful and and amazing you are.

Please help me spread the word. We are all on this journey together. Whether you are a marathon runner or someone who weighs 400lbs. The ultimate goal is a happy, healthy, full life. We’re all trying to live it. Let’s help one another with integrity, because in the end, when we all reach the true finish line of life, we want to look back at our life’s GPS feeling like we did something great.