Today I lost a friend.


We rescued Claire when she was around 6 from a neglectful environment. Although it took her time to warm up, she eventually became a fun-loving, energetic companion who even learned to shake hands.


Claire accompanied us on many camping trips, trips to the beach and even the mountains! Her favorite trip was when we took her camping up in the North Georgia mountains. She loved running around in the icy grass, chasing geese with her BFF Chloe.


She loved naps and belly rubs, sleeping in her warm bed and trips to visit her cousinpups. She loved her cousin Chloe so much that even saying Chloe’s name would put her in play mode! She was so loved by everyone, especially my grandmother, Abuelita, who took care of her for years while I worked. Abuelita spoiled her with treats and backyard adventures.



Claire was known for her bark! Anytime someone would walk in the house, even if she knew them, she would bark until they paid attention to her. She would go crazy when I would come home, so excited to see me and desperate for my attention. The Jack Russell terrier in her would show as she barked and jumped, so happy to have me back home.


Claire had an amazing life! She had so many people who loved and cared for her, that I know she felt that love each and every day. I will miss her desperately. She was a part of the family, and I will never forget little Claire Bear. Although we love our pets, our hearts ache when we cannot help make them feel better, and it hurts so much when they have to leave us.


I’m happy to know that she’ll be with Abuelita again, and that her and mom are waiting for Claire at the beach house, ready for a gallop down the shore.



7 thoughts on “Claire

  1. Claire looks like such a great little buddy. I am so sorry for your loss, dogs are very much our families. She has good company up in doggy heaven with our Sammi who we said goodbye to in 2009. Hugs…

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss! I have been there, we lost our Sandy about two years ago… I know how much your heart must ache for the loss of your little buddy, companion and family member. How they worm their way into your heart! Hugs & good, healing vibes to you during this time.

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