Gasparilla 15k training, wait, what?!

So what I thought was going to be a nice little lunch and a 5k walk with my pal Lindsey turned into a commitment to do a 15k race.

You see, we were sitting there at Pane Rustica, enjoying bliss in the form of a acorn squash stuffed with chicken salad when before I knew it, we were both on our phones, credit cards in hand, registering for a 15k race just a month and a half away.

Well, here I sit, a WEEK away from the big day, feeling like I can actually DO this.

The man and I have been training religiously: walking around the new neighborhood, parks, trails and anywhere else we can plant our feet at. And tonight? We decided to spend our 8th month anniversary completing our longest training yet: 10k (6 miles). Although it seemed like a huge task initially, we (aside from some sore feet) felt awesome as we finished that last mile.

I can’t wait to cross that finish line next Saturday and collect my 3rd Gasparilla medal (my first 15k one!).

Stay tuned for a race recap!

PS- The guy is doing the 5k! SO proud of him!

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