Get off the couch

There’s no way that 3 years ago I would be sitting here,
typing this post- just 1 day away from racing in my first 15k race.

That Stephanie would have called this Stephanie

But here I am, with just under 2
months worth of training, ready to tackle this distance, and place
a 15k medal in my collection. I’m VERY excited about this race.
After all, the Gasparilla Distance Classic was my first real
attempt at competitive 5ks. And when I say “competitive”, I’m most
definitely talking about the competition with myself: replacing my
old self with a new and improved self. Gasparilla holds dear to my
heart. I was over 300lbs when I participated in that first 5k, and
I’ll never forget the feeling that my best friend Kristin and I
felt when we crossed the finish line. I was hooked, and I wanted to
do more. Our official finish time, 49:37.

3 months later, I completed
my second 5k race: PanCan’s Purplestride, shaving 2 minutes off my
Gasparilla time.

Just 4 months after that, I
completed my first Sprint Triathlon in 1:58.
Then, my first Turkey Trot
5k, where I matched my PurpleStride time.

And then, the cycle continued. More Gasparilla,
2nd triathlon, more Purplestride, and turkey trotting with my

So, what are YOU waiting
for? Start with a 5k (3.1 miles) and take it from there. Find a
local race, at least a month away, pay the entry fee (usually
$15-30, which often include goodies, a medal and a tshirt!) and
begin training by merely walking around your neighborhood every
evening with a pal. Most 5k races WILL have lots of walkers, so
place yourself in the back of the pack and go at your own pace!
Remember, it’s a competition with yourself. Don’t worry about how
you’ll look or what people will say if you’re too slow, not
running, or continuously taking a million cell phone pics of
yourself as you go through the course. Believe it or not, the
racing community is THE most supportive group of athletes you’ll
find. After the heroes finish, believe me, they’re on the sidelines
cheering you on as you join their club and call yourself a
finisher. You’ll feel amazing, and you’ll want to do more and push
harder (and get more medals).
So pick a race then follow
up on this blog posting to share the good news! You can do

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