Will run for Panera

Two Sundays after my “episode with dehydration”, I decided to get back into the game with some longer training sessions.

With a perfect weekend upon us, Kristin, Meghan, Jay ( and baby Sean) and I decided to spend a nice little Sunday at Flatwoods park. Us gals had set our sights on 4 miles, while Jay, unknowingly, had ventured out to achieve much, MUCH more.

The weather was on the chilly side when we started, but by the second mile, we had become quite warm. We started off slow- walking the first two miles- then finished stronger with about a 1.50 mile jog. It felt good to end the workout NOT passed out in the back of my car, which once again solidified the fact that I am definitely not ready for anything longer than a 5k.

After our 4 mile jaunt was complete, we had some catchup time talking and chatting while waiting for Jay to meet up with us in the parking lot. When we had started our first mile, Jay had begun to jog (baby in tow), leaving us in the dust. We honestly weren’t sure how far he was going to go, but looking back, we would have never thought he would return with a half marathon under his belt. After a few bouts of worry (on Momma Meghan’s part), and 2 additional miles added to our own workout to see if we could find them, we were reunited with an exhausted daddy-o and a little sleepy unaware boy.

After decompressing from all of these adventures, we headed back to the parking lot, feeling satisfied, accomplished (a bit sore) and extremely hungry, so we wrapped up our day at Panera.

The moral of the story? Wrong turns suck, and will turn a few miles into 13 when faced with the Flatwoods loop. Use maps, or just turn around-or commit to a half marathon!

25 miles on foot down, 475 to go…
~Steph 🙂

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