Chevy Go For The Gold Challenge

Sunday was awesome. I had been waiting for this event for a while now, ever since Caroline posted the information on Facebook. I jumped on the opportunity because it really sounded like something that could be a blast!

There were 4 teams and our team was made out of some of my pals and members of the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers group. Caroline, Genna, Jennifer, Kat and I made up team #TBLB. These ladies are pretty awesome, making this little adventure so much fun. Aside from the details above, we didn’t have a clue what to expect. We did, however, decide to do a sort of “uniform? for our little bloggers team and ended up wearing these, an awesome find by Caroline. Socks rule.

We ended up hitting 3 different locations, each with their own Olympic sport-centered challenge. The best part? We got a sweet ride to take us from place to place (which included a 30 minute drive to Pinellas!)

Oh yes, that’s a Cadillac Escalade. Fully loaded. Ready for the bloggers!

When we got to the starting location, Cinco Soccer, we took some pics, got acquainted, then hit the field for a match up against the other teams that were participating in the challenge as well.

From left to right: Kat, Caroline, Genna, Me & Jenn!

I had never, ever played soccer before, and pretty much just tried to keep the ball moving. It was hard, hot and fun! I have a new appreciation for the game, that’s for sure. 😉 After came lunch sponsored by Fitlife foods. I had the performance chicken wrap with orange wedges that helped to cool me down. Seriously, we were melting out there! Oh, and can’t thank them enough for the ice cold water bottles!

Once we wrapped up lunch, we jumped in the Caddy and hit the road to destination #2. We were totally Big Pimpin’ through the streets of Tampa Bay in this sweet ride. My favorite? The cooling cup holders! Oh, and let’s not forget all the room in the way, way back row. 😉

After lots of Cadillac shenanigans, including wayyy too much social networking (just search #ChevyGoForTheGold hash tag on twitter and get ready to do some eye rolling! Hey, they were giving extra points for it! We had to push it!) we got to location #2 which turned out to be a beach bar equipped with volleyball sand courts for us to get our volley on.

I hadn’t played volleyball probably since 10th grade, which was 5 years ago, so let’s just say I have a few finger bruises to show for my lack of skill. We totally didn’t get creamed though. 21-17! Woot!

We hopped back in the ride, and made our way back across the bridge (tweeting and facebooking all the way) until we arrived at our 3rd location, Stars Gymnastics! I had NO idea what kind of shenanigans we would get into, and I hoped it wouldn’t turn into having trade the caddy for an ambulance.

Once they busted out the ribbons, we knew it was on: floor routines!

We rocked it. Gold medal performance, fo sho.

Our last destination was back at Cinco, where we had to give up our sweet wheels. 🙁 So sad to see it go! Maybe I can convince the man to buy me one for Christmas? 😉

Awards were given out for MVPs of the day (go Caroline for getting the social media MVP prize!).

Oh, and guess which team won 2nd place? Yup. We did. We rule. (well, so does the other team that got 2nd, but hooray for ties!).

I had a BLAST at this event, and can’t wait to do more! Go Chevy! Go Fitlife foods! Go team Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers! Wanna see more? Like GM in the Southeast on Facebook for pics and videos of all of our adventures! Hot damn, I hope they made my bootie look good!