Eat Drink and be Merry

Confession. Wait, everybody already knows about my little love affair with a man named Dave.

And a man named Boyd.
And a man named Carter. Stefan. Jeff. Rashawn. and Tim.

I’ve been a fan of The Dave Matthews Band for a very, long, time. In fact, this was my 11th time seeing the guys. However this time around was special.
1. They took a year off from touring for 20 years straight (well deserved, I guess), so there had been quite the gap between the time I had seen them live.

2. Brian was coming with me, and this was his first big concert! I was totally stoked that DMB had that honor.

After sitting in the grassy area of the Ford Amphitheater 1-800-Ask-Gary Amphitheater (cringe) time and time again (even getting completely drenched one year!), I decided that it would be time for this “grown up” to graduate to actual seats.

(If you’ve never seen a concert here, you MUST!)
(I may, or may not have downed this. Shhhh, don’t tell my trainer).

After much anticipation (an opening band, then 45 minute wait time before the boys took the stage), I was just about ready to crawl out of my skin when the lights dimmed and the stage went dark. The thing that differentiates Dave Matthews Band concerts from other ones I’ve been to (and I’ve been to everything from Garth Brooks to Def Leppard) is the energy from the crowd.

You can feel it rumbling through your bones. It deafens your concentration. It shakes you to your core and changes you as a person. It’s a feeling you would never understand without living it, feeling it, being it.    

I love that Dave started with Minarets. I had never experienced it live and so the excitement level was that much greater. I also adored the little nod to Tampa. Although I don’t know if intentional, I like to think that he specifically chose Minarets as an ode to the University of Tampa. 😉


From that song on it just got better and better. I heard songs that in all the years of Dave concerts, I had never heard before.


He pulled out rarities like The Song that Jane Likes and Halloween, which I was FLOORED by. I can’t believe I got to see Halloween after being years out of the song rotation! What a cool moment that was to hear this song live. Even better news? He transitioned right into Billies, a crowd favorite, and a song that makes anyone want to shake their booties.

And although I’ve heard Lie in Our Graves at almost every Dave concert I’ve attended, each time I’m blown away by Boyd’s (the violinist) performance. There’s one moment of the song where the lyrics fade, and it’s just a man and his fiddle, sizzling away at the strings as he sings with his instrument.
It was sweaty.
It was loud.
It was magical.
It was everything I expected of a Dave Matthews Band concert and more.
And I got to share this with my love.
It doesn’t get any better than this, kids.

Would you not like to be, sitting on top of the world with your legs hanging free?
Steph 🙂