Summer adventures

Hello from Philly!13524396_10154354176277474_4827096404118096982_n

We’ve had an amazing time up here visiting with family in Delaware and enjoying a few days in Philly while the Dave Matthews Band is in town! To top things off, yesterday was our 5th anniversary and today is my 37th birthday! What better way to spend both of those special days than on an epic vacation!

So far we’ve….

Devoured some delicious food…13537685_10154354177467474_7865704489201489712_n

13524394_10154354178002474_3124594092157906772_nVisited some amazing sights…13466126_10154354176257474_5822570893625545851_nShopped til’ we dropped…13533333_10154354176587474_6177409782614703215_n


13438865_10154354177232474_5127315219769257656_nMet up with some long time Instagram friends…13466100_10154354177407474_4042522491338008174_nJammed out at night 1 of Dave Matthews Band in Camden (Night 2 is tonight!)…13466269_10154354177397474_3276038659476842025_nEnjoyed quality time with Grandma…13516669_10154354177642474_2479359612944426227_nAnd….13516228_10154354177537474_559077871349846985_n

GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!13495346_10154354177512474_7123887005794003019_nEach year when we go and visit Brian’s grandmother in Delaware, she always asks us to take some pictures before we leave. This year she decided to take us outside so that she could have a picture of us by the creek behind her house. I handed her my phone, showed her how to use it and then posed for the picture next to Brian. Gram ended up having some problems using my phone, so I had to run back up to her a few (5 or 6) times to help her with the camera. Little did I know what while I did this, Brian was pulling a ring out of his pocket….PicMonkey CollageI really had NO idea and I was SO surprised!!! Of course I said YES and now we can happily shout from the rooftops that we are engaged to be married! It was a perfect start to our 5th anniversary and the ring was everything I could have asked for and more. The center stone is a gorgeous emerald cut citrine stone, which is a sentimental and beautiful tribute to my mother as citrine was her birthstone and the color that has represented #TeamJudy from the start. The center stone is surrounded by sparkling diamond accents and I’m just so in love with it and him! 13508864_10154354177447474_5847195749746237910_n

I am so grateful to have met Brian. Everyday I thank my lucky stars that he dropped into my life, just when I needed him most. He is my everything, and now, my forever. I couldn’t ask for a more loving, supportive, and kind-hearted partner to enjoy this life with. Everyday he goes above and beyond to make sure I am smiling, happy and that I feel loved. What an adventure we are in for… and I cannot wait!


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