Father’s Day & jeweled bikinis

What better way to honor my dad this father’s day than with one of my all time favorite stories.

I have dozens, hundreds of crazy tales involving my dad and the shenanigans he’s gotten himself (or us) into, but the story that stands out in my mind as the funniest happened a few years in Key West.

We had just spent a long day fishing out on my uncle Joe’s boat and had decided to hit Duval street for dinner and some late night sight seeing. Now if you’ve never been to Key West, it is quite the adventure. You never know what you’re going to see, hear or experience during the night time hours.

We were driving down Duval street looking for a place to park when my dad yells out “Whoa! Look at her! Look at that swimsuit she’s wearing! Damn she’s hot!” We all turned our heads in unison, searching for this beautiful woman walking down the sidewalk in a sexy swimsuit, but there was no one to be found.

We questioned my dad’s sobriety, but he insisted that there was a hot woman wearing a gorgeous jeweled swimsuit and when we asked him what sidewalk she was walking down he, in all seriousness, responded “the mannequin! In the window! She had a jeweled swimsuit on that was H-O-T, hot!”

The entire car grew silent as we internalized the fact that my dad reacted like a young teenager to a plastic, headless, armless mannequin, not a real woman.

When it finally hit us, we all burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I’ll never forget my uncle Joe asking my dad if he was really lusting after a plastic headless mannequin and couldn’t get over the fact that we all thought he was referring to a real woman.

Of course, this became the laughing joke of the weekend, and we even went so far as driving back to the store to find the infamous mannequin.

26248_408068997473_1450739_nAnd now, every chance we get, we do this:


Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Thanks for always being a good sport!

-Steph 🙂

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