Love is many things.

Love is cooking dinner for someone.
Love is being a good listener.
Love is kindness.
Love is teaching someone something new.
Love is snuggling under a warm blanket.
Love is taking a furry friend for a car ride.
Love is having people cheer you on.
Love is cheering others on.
Love is crossing finish lines together.
Love is bringing dessert home.
Love is sitting by a campfire.
Love is togetherness.
Love is lunch with friends.
Love is continuing old traditions.
Love is starting new ones.
Love is pillow talk.
Love is holding on to memories.
Love is security.
Love is consistency.
Love is reliability.
Love is spontaneity.
Love is driving 9 hours to chop down a fresh Christmas tree.
Love is homemade.
Love is putting yourself out there.
Love is second chances.
Love is taking care of your health.
Love is selflessness.
Love is helping others climb obstacles.
Love is compliments.
Love is feeling special.
Love is feeling needed.
Love is feeling wanted.
Love is growing old together.
Love is hearing “I love you” from the one who loves your soul.

Happy Valentines day to my family, friends, and the man who makes me smile and has shown me what it means to have someone love you completely, deeply and truly unconditionally. I adore you, Brian!
Steph 🙂


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