1 year

A year ago today I had dinner with someone.
We ate, watched the Rays game, talked, laughed. It was a perfect first date.

A week later we met again. This time for happy hour.
We stayed out talking, laughing, having a really great time until the wee hours of the night.
We stood in the parking lot, talking, laughing, enjoying each others company until we finally parted ways.
He called me on the way home.
We talked on the phone for hours.
We wanted to see each other again, so we met for breakfast that same morning, where we talked and laughed some more.

On the Sunday before the fourth of July we met for an early Rays game. We met in a parking garage, and rode together to the Trop.
After the game came dinner.
Then coffee.
And just when I thought the night was over, we went to a movie.
We drove back to our cars, and before I knew it, before either of us got out of the truck, we were pulling out of the garage and heading somewhere. Anywhere.
We drove to one of my favorite spots- Davis Island.
We sat by the water, we ran, we watched sailboats, planes, and shared our first kiss.
We hung our legs off the tailgate of my truck for hours and hours; talking, laughing, being together, enjoying each others company until the early hours of the morning.

By the following week, we were inseparable.
By early August came “I Love You”.
The fall brought fun times, memories, and unforgettable moments.
We we raced, vacationed, stargazed, made plans.
We camped, had adventures, and spent time with our families.
He helped with my mom as we took her out to places.
He was caring. He was kind. He was loving. Two people became an us.

December brought a new house, a cat, and new memories.
We painted, cleaned, organized, and decorated.
We had a place of our own, filled with love, ready for new memories.

Spring brought many changes.
Waking up together, building a home,creating a life together.

In April, my heart broke.
He put it back together.

A year ago I met someone special.
A year ago my life changed.
A year ago I didn’t believe in love. I thought I wouldn’t get a second chance.
A year ago I found a best friend, a soul mate, a person that I truly love, and who loves me back, unconditionally, passionately, honestly.

Happy Anniversary to an amazing person. A man I couldn’t imagine life without. A man who showed me what it means to be happy, loved and fulfilled.

I love you times a billion.

7 thoughts on “1 year

  1. Such a beautiful love letter!I remember you sitting in my house having dinner and all worry because he was with your parents ALONE!See.. he did good – more than good.Congratulations to the both of you!Here is to another year of everythings….

  2. This is ABSOLUTELY beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your love story with all of us. I have tears in my eyes. Happy Anniversary to you both. You truly have something special!

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