How to have a low carb, no sugar, keto-friendly Thanksgiving!

Since I started living a low carb, no sugar, high healthy fat (ketogenic) diet back in August, I have had the holidays on my mind. 

I. Love. Holiday. Foods.

Dressing (or do you call it stuffing in your part of the world?), buttered rolls, green bean casserole, pie, cookies, sweet potato casserole… the list goes on and on.

However, I don’t want to lose sight of my goals, or reverse the progress (35lbs lost!) that I’ve already made. I’m feeling way too great to trade that success in for a scoop of mashed potatoes, so I’m going all-in, planning a keto-friendly Thanksgiving meal from start to finish!

My family is holding a casual pot-luck this year, so my plan is to make a sampling of some of the recipes listed below so that I have options, and family and friends can sample these recipes if they’d like! All of the recipes below are low carb, no sugar, and ketogenic diet approved

Two cheese sausage balls
Eggplant stuffed mushrooms
Spicy, crispy, cauliflower (you can also make this using broccoli!)
Jalapeno popper deviled eggs

Main protein
Ina Garten’s perfect roast turkey (this turkey recipe has made an appearance on our Thanksgiving table for 15+ years. It is simply the BEST!)
Crispy skin slow roasted pork shoulder

Side dishes
Mac and Cheese with Zeroodles!
Creamed kale 
The best creamy mashed cauliflower 
Sausage and sage stuffing
Roasted pecan green beans
Buttery drop biscuits with no sugar strawberry butter! 

Pumpkin cheesecake bars
Pecan pie bars 

Additional tips and tricks for having a satisfying Low Carb Thanksgiving:

  • Pack some snacks! Olives, pickles, cheese and salami are all things that can ensure you have some healthy snack options if Thanksgiving dinner runs later than planned.
  • Fill up on fat! Add butter to veggies and those slices of turkey, go for that creamed spinach (or kale!) that’s made with full fat cream cheese, enjoy a cup of coffee with heavy cream after your first helping, and most of all, listen to your body as it becomes full. It’s easy to overdo it with all of those yummy things to eat, so pay close attention to how you feel as you dine!
  • Have some fun! Start a game of pickup football, go for a walk before or after the feast, play a game of checkers or cards with family or watch a holiday classic with family- there are lots of fun things to do during a Thanksgiving celebration besides eating!