3 weeks ago I was screaming at my feet, my hips, my legs, my brain for signing up for a15k race.
3 weeks ago I was saying there is NO way I was going to EVER do another race longer than a 5k.
3 weeks ago I thought I would never be able to walk another mile. (dramatic much?)

It’s true what they say- you have to forget your last long race (and triathlon too!) in order to sign up for your next long race.

Although I LOVE sprint triathlons, the swim portion is always my nemesis, and I truly have to forget about each prior swim training or race in order to get back into the water.

Being an athlete is all in the mind I tell ya.
Sure it helps to be strong, and have endurance, but in the end, it is truly a mental game.

I’m almost ready to tackle another long race. Almost. However, I’m definitely ready to sign up for another 5k for the month of April and I cannot wait for tri season to start full force.

While I have summertime goals set in my sights, I also have life goals that have taken the forefront of my thoughts.

A year ago we found out that my mother had breast cancer.
11 months ago we started our chemo journey.
8 months ago we survived chemo.
6 months ago we found out the cancer had spread to her brain.
5 months ago we endured radiation.
3 months ago we received the cancer free news.
2 months ago hair began to grow.
1 month ago life was becoming normal again.
1 week ago my heart broke. The cancer is back. It’s aggressive. It’s terminal.
12 months ago we had hope. Today we have hope. We will have hope tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. Until our home is bursting at the seams with buckets of hope.

No matter what life brings, make space for extra time, happy experiences, cherished moments, personal goals, positive influences, silliness, uninterrupted talks, quiet times and healthy habits.
You never know when life will take an unexpected turn.


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