Juvenile palate

I joke with Mr. KKM a LOT about his taste buds and palate. Back when we were first dating I may (or may not) have called his palate “juvenile”; a statement that I may (or may not) be still getting slack for. 😉

You see, within the first few months of our courtship, we’d take turns cooking dinner at each others parents house.

Yup. We both lived at home during the early part of our relationship. He had just sold his dad’s house and was looking to buy a home of his own, and I had moved in with my parents to help with my mother, as she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. So in an effort to save money and spend time with our families, we’d invite each other over for dinner. Eventually this led to inevitable sleepovers, but that’s for a whole other awkward post. Ah the joys living at home as an adult.

I learned about his particular palate (much better sounding) within the first few weeks when I started to notice that when it was his turn to cook, we’d dine on a predictable rotation: pork chops (breaded and fried), chicken nuggets (breaded and fried), fish (breaded and fried), burgers, steaks, beef tacos or open faced roast beef sandwiches. Sides usually consisted of fries, Pastaroni or twice baked potatoes.

Of course, it was a new relationship, we were (and still are) head over heels in love with each other, so I would cheerfully eat whatever he made, even if it lacked anything green. As would he. Luckily my mother was VERY picky as well, but in an effort to get her veggies in, I would make pastas with veggies, baked chicken or fish and wholesome sides like brown rice. He didn’t ask for seconds with everything, but there were a few things that got the B of approval, so I would add those to the rotation in hopes of broadening his culinary horizons. Flash forward a year and a half later and I’m still trying to sneak in new recipes to our dinner table and have been quite successful getting his approval on lots of veggie filled crock pot recipes, ground chicken, and have even snuck in butternut squash, kale, spinach and skim milk into our dishes. Yes, he’s even particular about his milk choices. He’s not a fan of whole, but prefers 2%. I’ve actually tried a little milk experiment where I poured skim milk into a jug that was labeled 2%, just to see if he would be able to tell the difference. I’ve also tried to pull a fast one with diet Mountain Dew vs. Regular.

Yeah, girlfriend of the year, right here! Let’s just say my science experiments were inconclusive. 😉

Now don’t get me wrong. I certainly don’t have a perfect palate. Remember my Foodie Hate List? I love trying new foods and creating interesting recipes, but there are just some foods that I stay far away from. Although Mr. KKM and I may not agree on all of our foodie choices, I know he appreciates my efforts to get him to eat healthier and bring yummy dishes on our table everyday. No matter how late either of us get home, we have always found a way to have dinner together- even if it’s Publix subs on the couch in sweaty gym clothes.

Since I mentioned my “hate” list above, I feel that it’s necessary to close this scrumptious story with my foodie “love” list. Theses are my top 10 favorite dishes and foods of all time. Luckily, Mr. KKM has always adopted a love for some of these. Some.

1. Eggs- soft scrambled, hands down

2. Cherries- eat a cherry, spit out the pit. eat a cherry, spit out the pit.

3. Stinky cheese- gorgonzola, bleu. bring it.

4. Kale- crispy chips, sauteed in garlic, pureed in smoothies. yum.

5. Seafood- baked, battered, shrimped, caked, slurped, buttered- there are no walls.

6. Bacon- no explanation needed.

7. Sweet potatoes- mashed, fries, hashed, twice baked. delish.

8. Pizza- fully loaded.

9. Quiche- fill er’ up with goodness

10. Whipped cream- can, tilt, mouth, spray.

11. Avocados- guacamole. spicy.

12. Pears- best. fruit. ever.

What’s on your foodie love list?

3 thoughts on “Juvenile palate

  1. Ooo, about the Mountain Dew vs Diet thing… I don’t know if you’ve tried this before, but do a mix! Start off with 1/4 diet, 3/4 regular. Even if it just becomes a half&half, there’s half of the calories and sugar being drunk in one glass.

    Foodie love-list. I agree on soft-scrambled (my mum used to cook scrambled eggs till that nasty egg juice came out of the eggs…), but prefer poached, on an english muffin, with bacon, and hollandaise…

    I love a lamb roast…

    I basically love everything. I very rarely come across a food I dislike, and if I do, I tend to force myself to eat it until I can tolerate it.

    • Believe it or not I just tried eggs Benedict for the first time this weekend. I always thought I’d hate poached eggs and hollandaise, but man, it was delish!!! Not sure if I could take any of my foodie hate list foods and eat them until I can tolerate them. Maybe one day I’ll try that method. Maybe.

      Thanks for the Dew tip! I wonder if the guy will notice? lol

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