We made it!

We’re here!

9 hours, 585 miles, 2 gas stops, a pit stop in a sketchy part of town, lots of iTunes, and way too many “we’re in Georgia, The Walking Dead area” comments, we’re finally settled in!
We unpacked a bit then consulted my friend Yelp for some good eats to fill our road weary bellies. This Tampa girl was able to find a Cuban restaurant waaaaay up here in this teeny tiny mountain town that earned rave reviews on Yelp. When we saw the pic of the
not-so-ham-heavy Cuban sandwich at Dan’s Grill (nothing ruins a Cuban like excessive ham) we immediately had a craving for home and decided we would give it a shot.

Delish! Delish! Delish! In fact, better than most Cubans back home. We got to talking to the owners who were Miami transplants that fell in love with the area. They decided to open up shop and bring authentic Cuban food to the
thin-air breathing masses and have had huge success! Speaking of thin air, when I asked Dan where they get their bread from (since it tasted WAY too good to be a french loaf from the local
supermarket) they proudly boasted “from La Segunda Central in
Tampa. We have it shipped every week and freeze it. We tried to bake it but the altitude didn’t work well with the baking process.” Well, you can imagine our surprise when we boasted our trek from the hometown. Such a small world I tell ya!

Not only was the sandwich satisfying, but their black beans and tostones were as real as it gets.


As we paid our $20 tab, Dan dared us to try a few of his homemade croqueta de jaiba (devil crabs). Challenged accepted. We’ll be back before Sunday, and might even bring a few
home. 😉 After dinner we headed to the store for some essentials and now we’re cuddled on the couch enjoying our “datingmoon” by the fireplace, awaiting the arrival if my cousins.


Oh, and one last thing. There may or may not be Walkers hidden in the basement. We don’t have a key to it so we can’t be sure. Stay tuned…

-Steph 😀

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