Sunday prose: Ode to camping

‘Twas the first night of camping,
And all through the site.
Many creatures were stirring,
Monica was in for a fright.

After saying she’d never,
Step foot in a tent
After begging and pleading
She came with little argument.

Monica and I watched,
Our men set up the camp.
We did help a little,
But they really were the champs.

Once things were all settled,
We went for a swim.
Then sat by the bay
And enjoyed the cool wind.

While we enjoyed the view,
We didn’t realize our fate.
Raccoons got into our tents
And all our food they ate! (well, not ALL).

Thank goodness our subs
Were safely secure
We ate under the stars
Delicious, for sure.

As the blue moon rose,
We started a fire.
We could not predict,
The crazy that would transpire.

When out from the bushes arose such a clatter.
I sprang from my lawn chair to see what was the matter.

When what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But some nosy raccoons and some loud Cubans near.

Those Cubans would party
Until the wee morning hours.
With each passing minute
They grew louder and louder.

As we readied for bed, Tom assured his sweet dear
That those critters weren’t interested and wouldn’t come near.

As we jumped in our tent, the heat hit us hard.
I decided I’d go out and just sleep in the yard.

I’ve got one eye on you, raccoons.

I climbed on the lawn chair, dodging raccoons on the way
Curled up under stars; until the break of day.

And before I fell asleep, I heard someone say from out of sight
“Gente, por favor, callate” and to all a good night!

How was YOUR Labor Day weekend?
See you next time Ft. Desoto Campground!

4 thoughts on “Sunday prose: Ode to camping

  1. I dont’ need to write a recap, because yours is truly is masterpiece, mine will not do it any justice!!!! Lady you had me and Tom peeing in our pants reading this… we had such a good time … thanks again for opening a WHOLE DIFFERENT world to me.. one where I need to keep my eyes open for steeling food raccoons and crazy cubans playing dominos until the wee hours of the night.

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