Little Blog on the Prairie

I adore Mr.KKM, but sometimes when he thinks about me, he pictures Little House on the Prairie.

You see, we have lots in common, we’re super compatible, have passion, chemistry and common goals. But… he likes to think of me as “wholesome”. Now, I know some of you are reading this and rolling your eyes as you already know, very well, that I cuss, drink, and do other “not so wholesome” activities, but all of that is negated by the fact that I love farmer’s markets, paint your own pottery studios, tea rooms, blueberry pickin’ and other activities and establishments that have been deemed “wholesome, good ol’ fashioned fun” by my loving boyfriend. Now, don’t get me wrong, he would never lead me away from these activities, and encourages me (mostly because there’s good stuff in it for him, like blueberry pies!) to go out and DO these activities. He’s even partaken in some of these wholesome activities with me on occasion. That doesn’t, however, stop him from giving me a cute little grin and making his Little House on the Prairie references as I walk out the door. Brat. 😉

Today was one of those good ol’ fashioned, boot stompin’, bonnet wearing kind of packed full of wholesome days. The Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers group ventured east to Plant City to visit Xiomara at Parkesdale Farmer’s Market! I’ve been going to Parkesdale FOREVER, and love going there for fresh produce- especially in the fall when pumpkins are a’plenty and in the spring when strawberry shortcakes line people up around the building. I was so excited to learn that one of our TBLB lady’s was part of the family that owned this awesome market! She graciously offered to host our August meetup and I couldn’t wait to get out there and fill my shopping bags with all that wholesome freshness. 😉

Xiomara was SUCH a fabulous hostess providing our hot, parched mouths with the #2 best drinkable dessert (according to Food Network)- their signature strawberry milkshakes.

Yes, yes, I’m a nail biter. Don’t hate.

Chrissy from http://chrissyscreativecreations.wordpress.com/

She also gifted us with THE most scrumptious strawberry preserves I’ve ever tasted. Good lawdy, this stuff is going on some toast at some point this week!

We took a tour of the market and learned some behind the scenes secrets of the ins and outs of the business. My favorite was when we learned the meaning behind this sign:

The only sticky fingers around these parts are from the shortcakes!

The other highlight of the trip was getting to meet some new bloggers that I’ve been following like Nanci and reconnecting with other blogging pals I’ve befriended this summer.

I left Parkesdale spending a whopping $21 and look at all that I scored!

Can you believe I got ALLLLL that for $21 dollars? Don’t believe me?

Told ya!

If you haven’t visited Parkesdale, they’re located off I-4, exit 17 (the same exit as Dinosaur world). Follow the signs leading to the market and get ready to get your shop on! Thanks again Xi! We had a great time!


PS- I was wrong. My boyfriend manfriend the man I’m in a committed, loving relationship with has told a hilarious joke that everyone but me thinks is just hilariously hilarious. There was a papa camel with two humps, a mama camel with one hump and they had a baby with no humps. Guess what they named him…… Humphrey. What do you think?