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One of the most inspirational bloggers that I’ve come across has been Emmie, from SkinnyEmmie.com. She has lost over 100 pounds and started her journey at 455 pounds! That is an amazing, and VERY brave, feat and I’m so proud to know her through the blogging community. She even completed a 1/2 marathon, which gives me the motivation to know that I can do mine too. 

Yesterday Emmie posted about an article she had come across on another blog. The article seriously blew me away, and I knew that I would have to share it here too.

Hey Fat Girl,                                                                                                                                                                Yes, you. The one feigning to not see me when we cross paths on the running track. The one not even wearing sports gear, breathing heavy. You’re slow, you breathe hard and your efforts at moving forward make you cringe. You cling shyly to the furthest corridor, sometimes making larger loops on the gravel ring by the track just so you’re not on it. You sweat so much that your hair is all wet. You rarely stay for more than 20 minutes at a time, and you look exhausted when you leave to go back home.  You never talk to anyone. I’ve got something I’d like to say to you. You are awesome

(Read the entire post).

I can completely relate to this. 
I am that Fat Girl. 

I was once a Fatter Girl.

 (Here I was at my highest weight).
I started my journey 2 years ago at a shocking 368 pounds. I know what it feels like to be out there at the park, or at the gym as a fat girl. I feel like everyone is staring you down with disgust instead of giving you kudos for doing something about the issue. I understand that most of that is nonsense manifested by my own self-consciousness, but it’s still there nonetheless, and at times it’s crippling.
There have been more than one occasion where I’ve almost turned around and gone home. I’ve cried, I’ve hated myself, I’ve been embarrassed, felt defeated, been harassed by passerbys and have had my share of ripped workout pants, stumbles and falls. I’ve developed rashes because my thighs rub together, making my gait look funny and yes, while I’m running my breathing isn’t as dainty other lady runners. But like Emmie and the writer of this post said: for every negative remark, smirk, eye-roll or horn honk, there have been five times as many people in my life who believe in me. They’re out there watching me on the course, holding signs, taking pictures, and telling me that I CAN finish when I feel like quitting. 

 (Kristin and I at Purplestride 2010)

These people are by my side trying to get healthy right along with me.

 (Mr. KKM and I rockin’ it on Bayshore)

(Lindsey and
I crossing the finish line at Tarpon Springs Triathlon, 2010)

They’re with me in the water, on the pavement and in the gym. They’re commenting on my blog posts and encouraging me to keep it up. They’re family, friends, co-workers, blog friends and sometimes complete strangers contacting me via twitter to tell me how awesome I am. For every idiot out there with something negative to say, there are superstars cheering me across my finish lines and patting my back through my successes, and that’s what keeps me going in spite of those who are waiting for me to fail.

What keeps you going? How do you stay positive?

2 thoughts on “Hey Fat Girl

  1. Never.. never let anyone put you down… I'm more than 1/2 your size and seriously you kick my butt with all of the healthy stuff you do EVERY SINGLE DAY.Your perseverance and attitude is what I admire the most in your… So hey you fat girl.. you are AWESOME, INSPIRING, you were born a WINNER and remember – we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the string we have, and that is our attitude. Attitude to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what other people think or say or do.YOU.ROCK.IT!

  2. Thanks Monica!!!! YOU are the reason why people like me keep going. I'm so glad I have built this strong base of positive, amazing friends who are there for me no matter what. Meeting you has been an adventure that I want to keep going on! xoxoSteph

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