Tips to making your friends gag (happy 3 years!)

Today marks 3, yes 3 amazingly happy years with my guy. 
Can you believe it? I feel like just 2 seconds ago I was writing our first year post! 
And I can honestly tell you that just about every single moment of those 1,095.75 days has been complete and utter sugar coated happiness. Brian is my best friend, the man whom I adore, the person that keeps me on my toes, and someone I can’t imagine life without. 


Sure we’ve had our scoffs, but they’re short and few and far between. Why? Well, because we’re awesome, of course! And when you bring 2 awesome people together, and they just happen to fall in love, it’s magic. 
Oh, and some of these tips might help…

1. Find a balance and build on one another’s strengths. I cook delicious food, he removes the spiders. 

2. Laugh. A LOT. Even during those shitty times you’d SO like to forget! 

3. Love each other unconditionally. Yes even through the most pungent of farts, or those super whiny moments where you think you’re going to die from that runny nose. 

4. Find things you enjoy doing together and as individuals. Football Sundays? I’ll be at the farmer’s market! C-ya later! 

5. Be each other’s cheerleader. Brag on; Even if your friends want to gag. 

6. Make each other feel wanted and get excited about seeing each other. Whether it’s 3 years or 30 years, don’t ever fall into the monotony of the every day routine. Mix things up. Flirt and be silly. 

7. Don’t be a stalker. You don’t work for the CIA. No snooping through phones or emails. No going behind backs to get the scoop. Trust one another, and if there’s a doubt, always ask before jumping to conclusions. 

8. Challenge each other. Whether it’s learning to play golf or eating kale, always encourage each other to try something new.

9. Avoid the put-downs. If you get into an argument, try to focus on the facts. Emotions may get crazy, but save those put-downs for the asshole that cuts you off on the highway, not the one you love. 

10. Be best friends, partners and most of all, equals. Forget money, age, experience, education, and any other factors that could drive a wedge between a couple. In the end, none of that matters. What makes a relationship work is the dynamic that two people have because they both give 100%, cherish the bond they share, and treat one another as best friends would. 

Happy 3 years of awesome Brian! Love you more every day! 
Steph 🙂


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