Half Marathon Training Update: Week 6

Can you believe it’s already the MIDDLE of January?

Studies have shown that THIS is the time when people throw in the towels on their “new year’s goals”. Just 2 short weeks is enough for people to give up. What are YOU doing to stay strong with your goals? 

I’m into week 6 of my half marathon training and still going strong. This weekend I knocked out 8 miles and loved every second! A friend of mine came a long with me and through conversations and lots of laughs, 2 hours flew by in a blink. My friend Maura has offered to ride bike along with me for my long runs which may make that time go by quickly as well. And of course I still have my main man with me on my shorter runs throughout the week. I love that he’s on board with helping me train. In fact he loves me SO much that he did 4 miles with me in the pouring rain last week!




So what did my 6th week of training bring me?
Week 6 miles: 18.7
Total training miles: 64.2
Longest distance: 8 miles
Fastest mile: 14:11
Injuries: none, just soreness
Attitude: Positive, accomplished, excited, motivated
Pre-run fuel: Kind bars, sweet potatoes, or eggs
Fuel during run: None at the moment, just water. Any suggestions?
Post-run fuel: Eggs, avocado toast, lots of iced coffees, strawberries
Favorite run location: Al Lopez Park 
Shoe of choice?: Brooks Purecadence 3
Favorite run jam: Sugar by Maroon 5

Are you training for anything? How are you doing with your 2015 goals so far? Do share!
Steph 🙂

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