Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! But more importantly….. HAPPY WALKING DEAD SEASON FINALE DAY!

Obviously you can tell where my enthusiasm lies.

Truth be told Easter has always been one of those holidays centering around baskets, food and togetherness. When my grandmother (Abuelita) was alive, she’d force invite us to come to church with her on Easter Sunday. My brother and I would reluctantly don our Sunday best and spend an hour with her listening to the sound of our feet as we’d tap on the pews. I didn’t grow up in a religious household, and as much as my devote baptist grandmother tried, when we got old enough to refuse to go, we would.

I’m not sure why my parents baptized me. That’s as far as my religious rituals went. So technically I’m Catholic, but only by my parents decision. It was most likely an “everyone else is baptizing their kids, so that must mean we have to, too!”. Whatever the reason, it is nice having pictures of my cousin Ryan and I being baptized, and of course having Godparents has been an awesome thing, but my religiousness ends there. Does that mean I’m an atheist? Well no. Being a science teacher I’m open to the possibility of there being some higher power than us here on earth. However I don’t believe that we have all the answers, no matter what we think is officially written or not.

What I believe to be true is that we should all treat each other the way we would want to be treated. We should give without always expecting to receive. We should show kindness, love and friendship to one another. We should set goals for ourselves and cheer those around us.

And that, my friends, is the true meaning of life here on this Earth. Well, in my own opinion anyway. 😉

Now although my parents weren’t into the religious aspects of Easter, we did use this time as a way to bring the family together. My mom would typically bake a huge pineapple and brown sugar ham, and we’d dine with all the fixings. Sometimes we’d go out to dinner instead of staying in, but no matter what, we were always together.

And there would always be a basket that “the Easter Bunny” brought my brother and I, filled with spring goodies, toys and trinkets. In fact, up until last year we were still getting baskets! My mother loved to give, and never let a holiday go by without something special for us. She’d also put on the BEST egg hunts! My cousins and I would peruse my grandparent’s yard for plastic eggs filled with candies, toys and money! I have so many fond memories of the whole gang and long for those days again where we were all so inseparable.

Today it’s just the four of us having dinner at my house. My brother and dad are coming over for The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pot Roast and lemon almond cake. Although there aren’t any baskets, eggs to hide or cousins to play with, we’ll still be together, enjoying the day with the hope that someday I’ll be able to do those things for my own children.

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Have a Happy Easter with your family and friends. (and don’t forget the Walking Dead tonight!)

Steph 🙂

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