Eat, drink and tape a wasp to the bed (and a wedding recap!)

Whew! What a weekend! What a two weeks, for that matter! It started off with this:


And ended with this: 

1017606_10151831681465561_419189051_nOh, and in between, this happened: 1010517_10201411542040168_922725148_nI told you it was an exciting two weeks! After spending four days camping at Turtle Beach for my 34 (gasp!) birthday, and celebrating 2 wonderful years with my guy, I spent the rest of this week preparing for my cousin Glenn’s wedding!

My cousin Glenn and I are only a year and a few months apart in age. Our parents are siblings, and growing up, we were inseparable. From bike riding and lizard catching, to eating raw spaghetti (I’ll save that for another post) and playing the original Nintendo, we had an awesome childhood.

When his fiance asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, I was happy to be a part of the big day. Altogether there were 10 of us, including 2 flower girls! Only Glenn’s sisters and I were local, while the rest of Victoria’s ladies were on the West Coast and North Carolina. One of the bridesmaids couldn’t make it to the wedding, but decided to send down a cardboard cutout of herself in a mint dress so that it would feel as though she actually was here! Hilarious!

1013089_10151687091344593_1899420620_nThe fun started on Wednesday when most of the bridesmaids met for some pampering, the rehearsal dinner and some last minute wedding morning planning. 1044148_10151776139362474_1225857327_n968976_10151776608932474_669403587_nWe ate, drank, and were definitely merry as we prepared for the wedding the next day. The morning of the big day, I was up bright and early, ready to meet the maid of honor at the bride’s hotel suite to decorate the room and prepare brunch for the girls to munch on while we got beautified. There were a few glitches that morning, like when I drove to Publix to buy some flowers for our bridal brunch and came back to a car FULL of food and a completely dead battery. Luckily, my guy is amazing, and had me back on the road (with a new battery) in under 20 minutes! Then, of course, there was a little wasp incident as we were decorating the bridal suite.

480103_10151777693582474_1078184377_nAfter multiple attempts to remove and/or destroy the wasp, the maid of honor had the ingenious idea to tape it down to the bed and deal with it later. The rest of the morning, went swimmingly. And by showtime, we were gorgeous, well-fed and ready to pile into the limo!

1002245_10151777701102474_1851438085_n 1016303_10151777797267474_1126938090_n 1043959_10151777796392474_1266692020_n 1044710_10151777799297474_1138042183_n

19903_10151779688482474_2088871234_n1004413_10151779806432474_236842280_n1010011_10151778102742474_1123324512_n1012129_10151832468945561_408071083_nEven though Vic was the one getting married, we all had butterflies in our stomachs as we pulled into the driveway at the Rusty Pelican, and caught a glimpse of the chairs full of our families and friends. Before we could even blink, we were already walking down the aisle and watching Glenn and Victoria say their vows to one another.

1006237_10151779688712474_1078481693_n 992884_10151778774217474_1441079264_nphotoBy this time, we were all a hot, sweaty mess, and ready to get inside and get the party started!

946506_10151778774177474_2048831354_n1013885_10151778774457474_963173590_n 1004570_10151778551477474_270075087_n 1010182_10151778727272474_405803380_n 1044681_10151778560092474_888330456_n 1044654_10151779370577474_962910988_n 1044530_10151778774377474_101659307_n 19903_10151778541157474_533049656_n998338_10151779704252474_751228208_n 11458_10151778774257474_952906246_nThe day after the wedding we celebrated with a baseball game at the Trop in an awesome suite! We had a blast!

5884_10151780255167474_1797335292_nCongratulations to Glenn and Victoria! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness! Keep him in check, Vic! 😉


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