Happy Birthday Baby Brother part II

“Hey Jason, do you have the best sister in the world?”

Thought so. 😉

Sunday was filled with house cleaning (can’t wait for my cousin Sabrina’s visit in a few days!), burger grilling, balloon blowing, cake eating, beer drinking, football and The Walking Dead watching. Which, however, I will no longer watch because they felt the need to kill an owl in the first 5 minutes of tonight’s season premier. There could have been ANY bird in that house- pigeon, hawk, buzzard, canary. But no. It was an owl. My favorite animal. You’re dead to me, AMC.

Ok. I’m done. 🙂 Back to the festivities.

Yes, he’s blowing out a Yankee Candle. We forgot a minor detail.

Ok, so about the card….

I don’t know when I started this, but every card I give to my immediate family (if I did this to anyone else, they’d think I was nuts) I add pictures and funny sayings or situations that poke fun at them. For my dad, it usually involves his lack of hunting skill (seriously- he’s only shot 1 deer in 30 years). For my brother, it usually involves big trucks or muscles. For birthday number 24, I went the muscle route which explains all the flexing in the above “schedule”. (And yes, even at 24 years old, he still calls me “Sister”). Hey, what can I say, cards just aren’t interesting enough these days. 😉

I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, so I’m out! I cannot WAIT to share all the fun things I’ve got planned for Team Judy this week! Race day is less than a week away!

How was your weekend? Do you have any silly birthday traditions?
Steph 🙂


Happy birthday baby brother!

Today my kid brother turns 24! Happy Birthday Jason!

Twenty-four years ago today my mom was missing her brother Marty’s wedding (their anniversary is on 10/15) because she had just given birth to this 9lb 4oz BIG bundle of joy. I remember us all going in our party attire to visit her and meet the new baby. Even the bride and groom went in their wedding best to the hospital to celebrate the arrival. I was only 9 when my brother was born (yes, go ahead and do the math!) but I remember his birth very vividly, as it turned out to be quite the wedding/birth event!

And now, some baby pictures, because what else would a big sister do than embarrass her kid brother on her blog? 😉

Look at those chubby cheeks!

This is his “scared of the photographer” face.

The birthday boy and his closed eyes!

Not sure why his head is tilted? Oh, and proof my cousin Glenn graduated!

In his baby thuglet days.

Ok, Ok… I’ll stop. That’s enough embarrassing for year 24. (Wait until he turns 30!) 😉

I hope you have a fantastic birthday baby brother. I know you miss mom, but she would be proud of you. The first birthday without her is hard, but we’ll get through it (with cake, lots of cake).

Here’s to a great 24th year!

Love, Sister