Giving back to your community

With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to give back.

People are always asking me about how I’ve gotten involved forming teams for local 5ks and such. Truth is, it’s super easy to form a team for most charity races and fund raise as a group. All you need is a team captain who is willing to recruit members and spread the word (social media!). It’s amazing to think that Team Judy has raised over $2,500 in the past 6 months, and cannot wait to see what we will accomplish in the future!

So with all this giving in mind, here are 10 ways YOU can get involved and give back to your family, friends or community.

1. Support local businesses. Visit your local farmer’s markets, craft fairs or specialty shops and invest in your community.

2. Donate your gently used, clothing to organizations like The Spring or League of Mercy.

3. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen. See people who are just happy to have a full stomach. You can offer to serve, prepare or donate food items.

4. Become a mentor by volunteering with Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

5. Give blood. There always seems to be a greater need for blood around the holidays.

6. Offer to help out a friend and their busy family by grocery shopping, babysitting or running errands for them.

7. Volunteer at a local underprivileged school tutoring students, helping teachers or organizing projects (like cleanups and fundraisers).

8. Lend a hand at your local animal shelter. Donate towels or blankets, food, walk dogs or help with clean up.

9. Spend time at a senior center or hospice. Some don’t have families nor friends that visit. A little companionship goes a long way.

10. Write a letter or send a card or care package to a soldier overseas. Check out this site for a list or organizations to help with this.

How do you give back to your community, family or friends? Please share! 🙂