5k’ers, Race Prep, and Planks, oh my!

I can’t believe that it’s already been a month since I originally signed up Team Judy for the Miles for Moffitt race. We’re only four days away from toeing the line, and I am more than excited to get all of my family and friends together for what hopes to be an inspiring experience for all of us in my mom’s memory. The T-shirts were delivered on Friday, right before we left for our camping trip, so I decided to dig through them tonight, organizing the orders to get them ready for tomorrow’s delivery.

(Aren’t they awesome! Thank you www.designashirt.com!)

(After! Packed and ready to be delivered!)
 (There’s even an itty bitty one for Baby Sean)

 (Team Judy packet pickup. That’s a lot of bibs!)

My first mother’s day without my mom will be tough, no doubt. But having this race in her honor will help (so will the open water swim and tri training I plan to attend Sunday morning!)

Before you ask… YES, Mr. KKM and I have been keeping up with our 45 day challenge workouts, in fact, today we completed day 13). Really, to be completely honest, the workouts seem to be a good mix of cardio, strength training and cross training, in a relatively doable amount of time (and our planks are getting longer!). It’s been a fun bonding experience for us, and we’re starting to feel (and notice) some changes. 32 more days to go!

Sunday evening I also hosted my first Meetup with the First Time 5k’ers! We met at Bayshore park for a 1 mile walk to get to know each other, set some goals and figure out fitness levels. Of course, Mr. KKM was there for morale support (and a mini-workout), but I also forced convinced my brother to meet us out there, as he has become quite the expert on muscle toning, nutrition and weight loss- perfect for anyone who has other goals in mind, aside from a 5k! About 15 members showed up and everyone seemed very positive, excited, and ready to sign up for their first race! (I think) 😉 Our next get together is scheduled for Wednesday at Al Lopez Park. It’s actually broken into 2- at 6:30pm, we’ll be meeting for Day 1 of Couch to 5k, then at 7:15pm, we’ll be meeting for a 1-2 mile beginners walk. Interested in joining us? Check out the Meetup Page for more information!

Have you ever organized a team for a race? How did that go?

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