Wind? Well I like Windy City Pizza!

My pal Meghan has decided to join me on my triventure. A few weeks ago we did some biking and walking together, and last Sunday we decided to hit Ft. Desoto to start on the swimming. Meghan is an excellent swimmer— excellent meaning lifeguard, swim teacher, etc. Definitely a bunch of ladder steps above me. She’s not thrilled about the open water swimming though, especially deep water, so I found this to be an excellent opportunity… she’ll help me with my technique, and I’ll help her by panicking louder and more insanely than her, making her look completely normal. See? It’s a win-win.

We hit the water a little later in the day, meaning more people, but that was ok. In my head, more people=more options at the buffet. I was hoping to be the jello mold at the very end that nobody ever touches.

Unfortunately, more people made things a little more difficult. Not only was my brain focused on the deep water and sharks, now I was also worried about running into people! To make things worse… it was pretty windy. Wind=waves. Apparently I’m not good at swimming with waves (lol). Fortunately, Meghan was there to give me some much needed tips on taking breaths, learning to follow the pattern of the waves, and other things to focus on aside from death. It wasn’t until the last 100yds of our 600yd swim that I felt like I was getting somewhere. We didn’t venture out into any depths, since there were too many other factors to deal with. Next time kids, next time.

I will say this though: wind and waves— I dare you to show your ugly face again!

It was late in the day, but we decided to do the bike. This would be Meghan’s first time tackling the 10 mile road stretch of Ft. Desoto, but I knew she would have no problem! I told her about the landmarks, and how to not be run over by a car, and off we went. By the flag pole (3 miles), she was contemplating just turning around and calling it a day, but she ventured on, and before we knew it, we at reached the end. I bet she’ll be ready for a tri way before I will! (lol).

It was extremely hot, too hot to do anything on foot, so we packed it up and headed for home.

Sometime during the middle of the week a new triathlete meetup was scheduled. We were both psyched about it! It had been a while since the group was together, so we were definitely excited.

Remember that thing about wind and waves? Well, apparently, neither of them listened.

You see, when you live in Florida, it is impossible to schedule ANY outdoor activity in the summer, because you just don’t know what the weather is going to surprise you with!

At 6:30am, the dogs woke me up for a bathroom break. That’s when I heard it.

Rain. Glorious rain! Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking. I just complained about the weather, and waves and wind. Yes, yes I know. But remember… I may be trying to become a triathlete, but there is a fat girl still deep inside there. A fat girl who sees rain and thinks— CANCELLED! But the triathlete shut her up and felt dissapointed. I really did want to be out there today. After all… practice makes insane perfect.

I texted some of the members, including Meghan, and we all came to the same conclusion. The radar maps showed some major storms coming our way, so Ft. Desoto was a wash out.

I jumped on Facebook and started chatting with Meghan about the cancellation. She was feeling the same way. For a moment, she was happy about the gloomy weather, but after she thought better of it- the packing and preparation (both mental and physical), she too was dissapointed. So we made the decision to take our happy, motivated, sore asses (from biking!!) to the Upper Tampa Bay Trail for our own little tri-session.

Within 20 minutes we were both at the parking lot unloading our gear. The weather had cleared up just enough for us to complete 10 miles on the bike and a 5k! It didn’t start raining again until about a tenth of a mile remaining. We really lucked out, and we felt GREAT. So much better than getting back into bed would have felt.

By the way. Our biking experience? Faster, stronger and less exhausting. Thank you new tires!

October 3… I see you creeping closer and closer. Stay back! Stay back! ::cracks whip:: I’m not ready for you just yet!

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