As you already know, I have just signed up for my first triathlon. Thank goodness Meghan and the rest of the training group will be there to:

A. Cheer me on
B. Slap me around if I freak out about the deep water
C. Not laugh at me as they pass by and I’m vomiting (or passed out)

On Labor Day, Meghan and I decided to take a little road trip out to Tarpon Springs to check out the course, and back out of become more comfortable with what we had gotten ourselves into. Little Sean was with us too, but he was much more interested in sleeping than exploring!

By looking at the online maps at www.tarponrotary.org/TriDetails.aspx, the course looks scary, long, and all in all HORRIFIC (well, to me anyways). But in person, the beach really isn’t all that terrifying. In fact the water didn’t resemble Loch Ness one bit! The bike route (which we decided to drive) seems doable and the run is almost completely in the shade (woot!). Our biggest concern, and I quote “will be riding by the Greek bakeries” -Meghan.

After our little investigation, we headed to downtown Tarpon Springs for some yummy Greek treats. I hope that these places aren’t open during the bike ride, because I’m liable to wheel right through a store front and pick up a Spanakopita.

So, here I am. T-3 days until “liftoff”. I’m planning on hitting the pool tomorrow for one last swim, and possibly a short bike ride around Al Lopez in the late afternoon. Then, it’s rest, nutrition, and mental health days so that I’m in the right frame of mind to do this without having to be admitted afterward.

Send the positive thoughts my way. Let’s do this!

*If you’d like to come and cheer me on, spectators are welcome into the park, but you would need to arrive no later than 7:15am, as the park will close at 7:30am for the race. Parking is all throughout the park and along the causeway that connects the park to the beach. Parking at the beach won’t be permitted, as that is reserved for athletes and the transition area. You will be able to park on the causeway or inside the park then walk along the causeway to the beach to watch the swim portion. Here is the link and directions to Fred Howard Park. See you there!

Transition area

It’s official!

Causeway starting the bike/run.

Swim area!

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