Obscene gym noises

Grrrrr, huh, sigh, eeerrrrr, huff huff huff, gasp, ackkkkk, erkkkk, eh eh eh, wooooosh.That’s gym speak for “these weights are f**king heavy and if I do one more rep, I’ll die“Or something to that effect. You know how Google translator can be.

Today I cave woman grunted my way through 60 minutes at Orange Theory Fitness. I’ve never been so thankful for their blaring tunes, as it drowned out the most unladylike of sounds. Now while working out shouldn’t be a prim and proper adventure, I would like to keep some things a mystery; like the sounds equivalent to a rough day in the bathroom. (You know you’ve been there).

I love how every whine and whimper, groan and grimace that exits my mouth is drowned out by Thrift shop, Bands that Make her Dance, and Drank.

Man, I can’t wait to re-read this blog a few years from now and reminisce on the awesome songs of 2013. 😉

Today I took mid competition measurements for the OTF weight loss challenge. I’m feeling great, my clothes are fitting better, but I probably won’t blow this challenge out of the water and walk away with the prize. I’m certainly not going to extremes, just continuing to make healthy choices in my diet, trying to down as much water as my bladder (and schedule) can handle and getting my calorie burn. It’s a lifestyle change that I’m gradually moving into, and luckily, enjoying. I’ve never worked out this consistently and this often in my life. This is something I want to adapt into my life permanently, so easing into and practicing a routine that works for me is my goal during this challenge. I am, however, seeing some muscle definition in my arms which I’m super stoked about. I’ve never, ever had arms I’ve been proud of, and have always avoided tanktops for that reason. There may be bare arms in my summertime plan this year! 😉

After 3 consecutive months at the OTF, I’ve found that my favorite part of the workout (aside from it being a giant playground for adults) is the fact that I can literally go 3, 4, even 5 days in a row and never experience the exact same workout twice. My muscles are constantly being worked in different ways, and my body is always trying to catch up and keep up with the challenge. Each trainer brings something new to the table, which make workouts fun. Nothing becomes redundant nor predictable. You’re constantly on your toes waiting to see what they’ve got in store for you on any particular day. I actually worked out at the New Tampa location for the first time last week and was sore for days after Joshua’s intense workout, which included a 1/2 mile treadmill run, and more time on the rowing machines than I even care to know.


photo 2

photo 3

Joshua “The treadmill punisher”.

Troy, one of the trainers at the South Tampa location, loves to use the treadmill as a torture device. Squats, lunges, pushups, side steps; the man has no boundaries when it comes to creativity with that machine. Just when you think it’s going to be another 30 minutes of speed work, he’ll come over the speaker and ask us to hit the stop button, straddle the ‘mill and start squatting- right then and there. It’s definitely an adventure when Troy’s in the house. As I sit here and type this, I dread getting up as my legs are sore and feel like lead after Troy’s workout today. Maybe I’ll just sleep on the couch tonight.

How do you change up your workouts from day to day? Do you make obscene noises at the gym?

Steph 🙂