Get Golf Ready at Golfer’s Grail Week 2

Disclosure: I was provided with 5 weeks of golf lessons at Golfer’s Grail through the Get Golf Ready Beginner Clinic in exchange for blogging about the experience. All whiff-avoiding opinions are my own. 

If you haven’t read my introduction post or my recap of week 1’s lessons, start there! 🙂

Monday evening was week 2 of the Get Golf Ready clinic at Golfer’s Grail in Carrollwood. A few days before, my guy took me to a local driving range to practice what I learned during my 1st lesson. I feel like there are SO many things to think about when practicing. From PGA (posture, grip and alignment) to keeping flexible, but still at the same time, to learning what it means to “stay on the same plane” and “follow through”. Needless to say, (if you know me in person anyway), I am just a tad bit competitive, and get easily frustrated when I can’t figure something out. Brian, however, remains cool and collected, and continues to help me as much as he can. He is SO patient, and is dedicated to making sure I don’t give up!


And although I made “contact” with the ball a couple of times, I can’t say that I felt as though I ever got the hang of it. But I think that comes with the game. Do you ever really get the hang of it? It’s not like playing checkers. It takes practice, tweaking, more practice, more tweaking, and even more practice after that! 

Even though my practice session at the range was less than stellar, I feel as though I learned a great deal during week 2 at the clinic. Jim Wright, our instructor, began week 2’s lesson with a recap of week 1, a stretching session, and a few practice swings using PGA. Jim is great at explaining slowly and explicitly, so you can really digest what’s being taught, and apply that new knowledge at your own pace. If he notices you doing something incorrectly, he’ll encourage you to reset, and try again- never making you feel like an idiot, but instead, explaining how the way you’re positioned will affect the way your ball travels. 




Once our warm us session was complete, we went on to learn about chipping. As I mentioned before, we’re working our way from the hole back, so once we learned how to putt, chipping was next in line. Chipping the ball is similar to putting, but with a little more umph, as you’re a bit further away from the hole. We learned about weight shifting, hand and wrist positioning, and the importance of follow through while chipping.  After practicing a few times on the simulator, I was feeling more comfortable and confident that I could actually improve!


After chipping, we went on to pitching, which is a little bit farther away from the hole than chipping. This swing was a little harder for me, as I couldn’t seem to get that loft. Instead, it became more like harder chipping! I was able to get some good pitches later on in the week while Brian and I were practicing at the range, but this is definitely something I need to continue perfecting, as I’m not consistent… yet. 😉


At the end of the lesson, we were able to take some time to practice what we had learned during week 2. Jim bounced from simulator to simulator correcting anything we were doing improperly, encouraging us when we did something awesome, and giving us pointers and tips along the way. Brian even joined in the fun giving us a few suggestions as we practiced our pitching!



I’m looking forward to week 3 next week, as we’ll continue to work our way up to the longer swings as we get further away from the hole! 

If you would like more information on the Get Golf Ready Clinic or anything else that Golfer’s Grail has to offer, please check out their website! 🙂 


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