Easy gift giving with HipChip!

Have you ever been in charge of collecting contributions toward a teacher appreciation, baby shower or bosses day gift from a group?

I find myself in this situation quite often. I have a close knit group of girlfriends and we chip in for presents, like gift cards, each time one of us has something to celebrate!

Between communicating the idea to everyone involved, collaborating on ways to collect everyone’s money, and then being responsible for managing and protecting all of that cash prior to purchasing the gift… well, to be honest, the whole process becomes quite the ordeal!

The good news? There’s now a solution to make chipping in for a gift for someone a breeze. It’s called HipChip


HipChip is a free application gift-givers can use anytime a group gift is being purchased! Here’s how it works:

1. Go to HipChip.com and click “Sign-up” to register for an account. It’s free, and takes less than 15 seconds! Promise! The website will work on desktops, tablets and even on your mobile!


2. Select who the gift is meant for (teacher, coach, co-worker, etc.)


3. Choose how many recipients will be receiving this gift. 


4. Enter the recipients name and select a gift card for them. HipChip offers gift cards from 36 different companies! (You’ll recognize names like Barnes and Noble, Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s, CVS, Home Depot, Old Navy, Regal Cinemas, and more!)


5. Once you have chosen a retailer, you’ll enter gift details and other settings like delivery date (all gift cards are sent to the organizer for distribution), and contribution suggestions to guide all who are planning on chipping in towards the gift. Once the gift is set up, you’ll be able to enter address of your group members who are giving the gift. They will be sent a link via HipChip instructing them on how to chip in! *Note: you can set up the gift via the mobile app (just use your phone’s browser and go to the website), however, in order to set up participant emails, you’ll need to use a larger screen). 


6. HipChip will keep individual donations private. The group will not be able to see who has given what amount. HipChip will send out email reminders 3 days after the original invite goes out and 1 day before the gift closes. Once all donations have been collected, HipChip will pool the contributions together and prepare the gift card for easy printing and instant email delivery to the gift’s organizer!  Gift cards have no expiration date and can be printed again if lost!

That’s it! Easy peasy! 🙂

What’s even better is that HipChip isn’t just limited to gift giving! Co-workers can chip in to purchase gift cards for items for the office, parents can chip in to purchase gift cards for school supplies for teachers throughout the year, or team parents can use it to chip in to purchase gift cards for treats for the season. The possibilities are endless!

There are no hidden fees or service charges involved with HipChip. Retailers give a small commission each time one of their cards is purchased through the HipChip website. And if no one joins a gift you create, you’ll be able to cancel your gift card order and receive a complete refund- no questions asked! For more information on privacy and security, please visit HipChip’s privacy policy

Now through December 31, 2013, HipChip is offering an incentive for parents and students to try the program! 


HipChip is awarding a $50 Domino’s Pizza gift card to the first 3 classes in each state of the US that use HipChip to give a gift to their classroom teacher this holiday season! Gift cards must be purchased by December 31, 2013 and at least 5 people must contribute to their teacher’s gift to qualify for the award. Gift cards will be awarded and distributed to winners in early 2014! 

For more information, please check out HipChip on all of your favorite social media platforms!

On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and yes, even Instagram

So what do you think about HipChip? Would you ever consider using it? I have a GREAT idea… you can try it out by giving ME a giftcard! Hey, I’m a teacher! 😉 Kidding. Maybe. 

Steph 🙂

Disclosure: I was provided with a gift card in exchange for my HipChip review. All gift-giving, merry and bright opinions are my own. 


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