So today while I was at Orange Theory Fitness getting my calorie burn on, something gross happened to me. No, not gross, disgusting.

The class was half way into the session and I had just finished my rowing and weights circuits. We cleaned up and disinfected our areas, then switched sides. I climbed on a treadmill and started doing my thing. I was pouring sweat from the first half, and my nifty OTF orange towel was already soaked with my sweat as well. We were about 5 minutes into this set when I see a guy approach my treadmill from the weight room side. I figured he was just heading to his rower when he climbs onto the back of my treadmill and grabs my towel from the cup holder.

It happened so fast that I didn’t have a moment to go and say “dude, wait a sec”. In fact by the time I hit the stop button on my treadmill he had already sopped up his sweaty face, arms AND neck with my already sweat-damped towel. I decided I’d handle it later, jumped back on my treadmill and watched in the mirror in disgust. Many people have orange towels at OTF as they’re given away for all sorts of incentives, but this was just too disgusting of a mix up.

About a minute or so later, the guy came back to my treadmill, realizing his error. I don’t know when it clicked, or what gave it away, but he returned my towel without a blink, then realized his towel was draped behind the adjacent treadmill. I looked at my super, double sweaty towel and just shook my head in disbelief! I know it can be intense in the orange box, but come on! Pay attention and certainly don’t use other people’s stuff!

Although I realize it was probably an honest mistake, I was still totally grossed out by it. I’m sure the question on all of your minds is… did I use the towel after he returned it?

Well, considering I still had a good 20 minutes of sweaty treadmill time, yes, yes I did. I held out as long as I could, but my shirt just wasn’t cutting it anymore and I had to dig in. I waited to see if the guy was watching me in the mirror, also disgusted at the fact I was rubbing his sweaty germs all over my face. But it didn’t seem to phase him a bit as he went on his clepto-merry way.

I promptly washed my face upon arrival at home.

I think I may leash up my towel from now on. What’s next… drink my water?


Um, no. I ain’t got no time for dat!

What’s the most disgusting thing that’s ever happened to you (or that you’ve seen) while working out? Do share! Let’s all shudder together!

Steph 🙂